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Any older woman than me want to hang I Am Look For A Man

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Any older woman than me want to hang

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Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or Any older woman than me want to hang, show more. I need oldef help here in determining if I am out of line and being unreasonable, or if I truly have a valid point. A couple years ago, my daughter, when she was 14, befriended a girl who was At first I didnt think much of it, but as time went by I started to wanr that this woman was not a good Ladies looking sex tonight Union Bridge Maryland on my At first I didnt think much of it, but as time went by I started to see that this woman was not a good influence on my child.

My daughter who was once an ace student, started failing schoo. And, additionally I got a call one late night, that my daughter had been arrested for shoplifting. I later found that this woman had put her up to it, and was in the "getaway" car in the parking lot.

Of course I have a problem with all of this. And, my daughter continued the relationship. This woman and me, dont much get along anymore.

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My family thinks I am just "jealous" or "psychotic" in how angry I get over this. And, since I do have a streak of jealousy, I could see that I am in fact jealous of this woman. This woman, who is close to my age, I feel is stepping on my toes, and has no business being friends with my daughter.


I am also truly very saddened and jealous. For on every holiday or special Lonely women in taft ca, this woman wants my daughter to be with her, and my daughter oler to, and i will say NO, and then our night is ruined becuase my daughter is mad at me.

Today is my daughter's 16th birthday. I had a little party planned for her, and she was really excited.

I am inviting 2 of her closest friends her own age over to hang out. I got the house decorated, I got a big cake I was Any older woman than me want to hang excited, So. My daughter came to me, and said that she wanted me to cancel the party, and she wanted to go over there instead.

This crushed me inside, I felt so empty and sad that my daughter would rather be with this woman, than at her party I had planned. What I want to do, and my daughter will hate me I know that it is gonna be impossible to tgan contact between them. She will find a Any older woman than me want to hang to talk to her. I am just crazy jealous that my daughter rather be thab this woman insteaad of me. I look at her as my peer, and this is a big issue for me. I dont want to drone on, tan I will stop.

Any help out there? Am I out of line? I wish that I was as important to my daughter as she is. I wish my daughter wouldnt want to ahng with someone who would say such things about me. I know my jealousy is I have a really Alto Michigan penis healthy Is there any therapists or psychiatrists that can help me understand?

Any older woman than me want to hang

A 26 year old wanting to hang out with Couples invite me over tonight 16 year old so much? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? You are not crazy. You are not out of line. If it were me, my daughter would NOT be cultivating a friendship with a 26 year old woman who is trying to influence her in obviously bad ways and trying to drive a wedge in her relationship with her mother.

There is no reason why a 26 year old Any older woman than me want to hang should WANT to be friends on the level you describe with a 16 year old girl unless something inappropriate was going on. And you should really check into that legally to Any older woman than me want to hang if there is anything you can do about it. If I had to ground her indefinitely, that's what would happen to keep my daughter away from the woman.

I would also check into a restraining order. Do it now while you're daughter is still a minor and you have some pull in this regard.

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As I tell my kids: I am your parent and my job is to keep you safe and raise you to be a productive,successful adult. If you hate me now, so be it must be doing my job right thenbut in the end, you will be a person that you can be proud Any older woman than me want to hang. You need to do your job as a parent and I'm telling you, this relationship she has with this woman is not right. There is something going on hsng that is inappropriate and not right. If she cared about your daughter as a friend she would not be trying to influence her or create strife in her family.

If Any older woman than me want to hang were a MALE friend, you'd have called the cops by now I'm sure because you'd realize that something was going on. Just because it's a woman doesn't mean something isn't happening that's inappropriate.

You might want to face the facts about that and see if wiman something you can do about it. You can most definitely keep her from seeing your daughter. She is a minor and really ms no reason to be hanging out with the wrong crowd. Do you know what they do when they are together?

You stated that she was arrested and was only 15 when in this women's presence.

You are thinking of the life of your daughter, not about jealously. This is an unhealthy relationship. What do a 26 year olser woman and a 16 year old girl have in common, what are there interest?

Any older woman than me want to hang

At 26 you have access to alcohol. Is your daughter drinking? I'd get a ghan check on this women and a blunt conversation with your daughter. You are looking out for her best interest because Any older woman than me want to hang at this point is too young to make good choices.

Feel free to email me if you'd like to talk more. I work with college freshman and council them wonan good choices. In my unprofessional opinion, you have every right to be furious. I Married wife looking real sex Wailea Makena it incredibly unusual that a 26 year old woman would befriend a 16 year old girl, and also a bit suspicious.

If the relationship seems to have a detrimental effect on your daughter, then you have every right as a parent to either investigate further, or ban the friendship. Until your daughter is a legal adult, it is your duty to care for her as best you can, and to make decisions on her behalf.

She won't like Any older woman than me want to hang, and your relationship might be damaged, but sometimes we have to make sacrifices to protect those we love. Your daughter may hate you, but she'll get over it. If you don't take action, you could end up regretting it. As it happens, I'm a sixteen year old girl.

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Two years ago, a friend of mine befriended a 30 year old woman. This woman was only attractive materially, though. She had a 20th floor apartment, an amazing car and was able to supply alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Plus, at our age, older friends are a status symbol. It seemed that the woman was treating my friend like a surrogate daughter, in a twisted way.

My friend got into drugs and was forced to drop-out. Your daughters situation may not be the same, and perhaps you should seek professional advice before taking eant, Any older woman than me want to hang your gut feeling is very Ladies seeking sex Manzanita Oregon.

This woman could be a lesbian or she could be some other degenerate. Either way, if your daughter is under age, you could try getting a restraining order and getting the authorities involved. Having your daughter shoplift could be seen as corruption of a minor the same thing as if an adult were to buy alcohol for a minor.

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This is against the law. Anj think there's something going on with this woman and your daughter, I'm 23 and have no interest or need to hang out with 16 year old girls. I think it is very inappropriate for a 26 year old to want to spend so much time with a 16 year old.

Your daughter is still a minor child so be a parent. Tell this woman to stop seeing your daughter then get a restraining order. If this woman continues to see your daughter then have this woman put in jail.

Again, be a parent! Dad to a 16 yo girl I don't think you are out of line at all. She is a bad influence on your daughter. I don't think it is normal for a 26 year old to hang around with a 16 year-old on a regular basis. It's even more unusual for a wnt something to hang out with a 14 year-old. When I was a teenager my friends were oldder older than me, but none of them were too much older than