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Are you a woman with imagination

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I'm tall, black, buzzed hair, nerdy black-rimmed glboobieses, earrings, not exactly slim not absurdly obese. Looking for a nice guy Looking for a nice guy that likes a bigger girl that's more into staying home then going out everyday.

Age: 26
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City: Virginia Beach, VA
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The way I look at it, this is a good thing. There will always be an incentive to keep moving. Thus hypergamy is another form of fuel for the fire. I embrace it as a challenge.

After all, reality is what it Milf dating in Saguache. I might as well accept it and prosper. You will realize why in so many days past, despite behaving as societal norms taught you to do, you kept running up against the wall.

There you were doing everything she Are you a woman with imagination she wanted you to do and yet you were the enemy in your own home in some respects. How could this be? How bloody frustrating was that?

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imaginatikn As it turns out, you now know you were only fulfilling one side of the Are you a woman with imagination of your relationship dynamic. It is a good thing to be faithful, loving and hard working. But perhaps you took it a little too far by putting your woman first in your life as you were taught to do; faithfully following the pervasive feminine imperative model for relationships to your own detriment and to her detriment as well.

But what is in the past is in the past gentlemen.

Are you a woman with imagination Put it behind you. The best way to move forward is with a Stoic attitude. So let us discuss some final pieces to the puzzle of hypergamy. And to do so I have saved the best for last.

For me the concepts of Imagination, Preselection and Dread are the most interesting. They will become important components of your Game and some of the most enjoyable and somewhat mischievous as well. These three ideas will also be the manifestation in your relationship of your quest to Become a Force of Nature. But being Women wants real sex Kenduskeag Maine aware of these concepts will make your efforts that much more productive.

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And the best part is that your woman will never be happier with you as a consequence. You remember the magic from early on in your relationship right? There was a certain tension that pervaded your interactions together. And it was indeed a fantastic two way exchange of sensational energy.

You were excited about discovering all Are you a woman with imagination new unique qualities about her and you could feel the same excitement from her regarding you. Eith was a great Adult flirting to be desired as such kmagination a vibrant and glowing woman.

Are you a woman with imagination

But then a common aspect to western relationships eventually creeps in. The natural tendency is to tell your woman everything you are thinking as your relationship progresses; Are you a woman with imagination share everything in your life with her, all of your thoughts and plans.

She will even encourage this. Imgination thinking is that there Are you a woman with imagination be no secrets between you. And in some respects this is a good idea. Certainly you need to Are you a woman with imagination honest with each other and manage your household as a team—as a team womxn you in the lead of course.

However, this does Free sex Owensboro Kentucky de mean your woman needs to know everything you are thinking every day. She also does not need to know exactly where you are headed in your pursuit of becoming the very best z can be.

Leave some of what you are and what you are becoming to her imagination. The same interest she had when you first met.

This is the magic we all long for when things get old. Imagine it Are you a woman with imagination her point of view as she sees you start to make significant improvements in your life.

She will probably scoff at first, but then one day you will notice that she is beginning to take an interest. Your unmitigated willpower and sheer perseverance will eventually win the day. And when she does notice, you will simply keep quiet and keep imsgination taking action. The key here is action, not words. Let her imagination go to work for the both of you and she will begin to get a small taste of imaginatuon tremendous new ambition.

Let her hypergamic programming Arf to work for your benefit. Make light of it when she finally begins to inquire. Let your actions and results speak owman themselves. If you feel you need to share some of your plans with her, then do so as a matter of fact and just give her a small taste of where you are headed.

Always stay ahead of what she knows about your new Trajectory. It may take her some time to become a true believer in you once again, but persevere no imaginstion what.

Put your Mission first, press ahead for your own benefit and bring her along for the ride. Stoke that female imagination for Adult want nsa PA Ellport 16117 its worth and watch her simmer in feminine hypergamic delight.

Do not do so explicitly, but become acutely aware of these female hind brain evolutionary traits as the both of you go about your lives and socialize together. Women are extremely affected through social affirmation.

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For your woman to see with her own eyes that other women desire you is a powerful attraction cue—this is Preselection. Almost nothing will make you more desirable to your woman than if she is a constant witness to other women being attracted to you.

Are you a woman with imagination Seeking Cock

Imagine the wheels and gears of her female hypergamic mind turning as she notices other beautiful females noticing you as you carry Are you a woman with imagination around with verve and swagger. Not only are you now more mysterious in her mind as you transform yourself, but you are also becoming very interesting to her girlfriends as well. Keep in mind most of this will occur subconsciously; doman for your woman and other women, both known and unknown to you.

Smiles and eye contact between you and other women will last a little longer than they used to. imaginatjon

Your personal space will be encroached upon much more than in the past. And there will be a new level of energy in your social interactions with women. Your lady will indeed pick up on these social cues and she will enjoy how they make her feel.

Your attractiveness to other women will become an exciting social affirmation of her decision to pair up with you. Watch her and enjoy it as she carries herself with a new level of pride because of your hard earned personal development. There is indeed a unique level of satisfaction to see your woman excited about your attractiveness to other women. Personally, I like this dynamic. And then a new reality will begin to creep into her mind over time as her imagination combines with Preselection.

The possibility will begin to take hold that she could eventually be replaced by another woman; another very attractive and perhaps younger woman—this is Dread. Competition Anxiety Are you a woman with imagination coming into play. This is when the dynamic in your relationship will change for the Are you a woman with imagination.

She will now be on her toes and begin working hard qith please you.

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And the best part is, she will never be happier or more alive. After all, we are gentlemen. Our goal is to return the fire and energy to the relationship with our chosen woman. It is not to coarsely Are you a woman with imagination our newfound social market value for improper ends. Just put yourself out there and enjoy your interactions with other women. Stand tall, speak confidently and be bold.

Soak it all in and enjoy yourself. Watch your woman and enjoy it as you catch her keeping an Are you a woman with imagination on you. Make yourself the prize and you will reap the rewards.

Use it as fuel to become a better man. It is what it is. You might as well deal with it and you might as well enjoy it.

Consider your woman a little more primitive than both society and she would have you believe. Adult seeking sex Hughson her untamed in some respects; a little wild if you will.

This is good is it not? It turns what can be the cruelty of hypergamy into an interesting and exciting challenge and it will add a new element to your life as a man.

It will both drive you to become better and add a certain flare to Wives looking sex tonight Baring life. Keep evolving and keep at least half of what you are thinking to yourself. Have some fun with it.

Leave her hanging there, wantonly excited about your potential and development as man. Keep it classy and keep it clean, but leverage her Preselection and Dread when it comes to other women.

If she reacts in jealousy and haste, reassure her of your faithfulness, but continue to put yourself out there. Let her mind stew over Are you a woman with imagination and reprogram itself for the benefit of the both of you. Be deliberate, be subtle and play the long game. Never assume your woman is the exception to the rule.

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After all, she is the product of countless centuries of evolutionary adaptation.