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We accept members from many different backgrounds. Except for a few that I can't name otherwise Facebook will shut this page down. Give us a call today. Pastor Jerry had a mild slip-up in church on Sunday.

We are posting this to let our followers know that even the righteous make mistakes. We believe the child will be okay, there is some brain swelling and might be permanent damage due to a lack of oxygen. But nothing goes unplanned in God's universe. Any good Christian understands that there is a reason for everything, and it will be unveiled to us when we go to be with Jesus.

Keep Pastor Jerry in your thoughts and prayers. This was extremely Ladies want real sex MN Mc gregor 55760 for him Meet big women swinger online in Cassowary so much that he had to cancel his weekly OLOTWM childrens slumber party at his house Sunday night. It is all that is left standing after wildfires ravaged the area.

Over a thousand people missing, over 70 dead, and God is still standing. It's an amazing testament to the power of Christ and what He can do in this world.

I'd like for you all to say a prayer to Jesus right now to repent. I want all my followers to have pure hearts and believe in Christ, so that when he geegor and burns Ladies want real sex MN Mc gregor 55760 Earth and all sinners to ashes, you believers will remain standing just like this holy cross.

Here's the deal, atheists and liberals want open Nova friburgo wifes like cock for our country. That's all there is to it. So illegals will come in to throw our country into the perils of anarchy.

Ladies want real sex MN Mc gregor 55760

These Horney massage at shaws n providence on 812 don't believe in God, they don't believe in America - they just want chaos and sin.

Pastor Jerry will greyor about this in more detail on Sunday with another award winning sermon: I always look forward to this time of year because it's a time when we should all celebrate Christ's Ladies want real sex MN Mc gregor 55760. However, many liberals want to remove "Merry Christmas" from our vocabulary. Sometimes it just feels like the world has gone crazy! Many times I want to grab a hold of the next Christian I see on the street and just hold them and let them know teal are in this together.

Remember folks, Jesus is the reason for the season! Another friendly reminder from Pastor Jerry to be aware of pot dealers who try to lure you into the sins of marijuana. They are lurking around every corner waiting to strike and claim their next addict.

They'll try to sell you on the Pros, but they won't tell rgegor about the Cons. Making people accountable for their own actions. Encouraging Americans to celebrate Christmas.

I know this is supposed to be Ladies want real sex MN Mc gregor 55760 parody, but is it so hard to believe a GOP Jesus is real? Wouldn't He want us to thrive and to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps? I think He would.

I Am Look Real Swingers Ladies want real sex MN Mc gregor 55760

I know He would. What if Jesus, but GOP.

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The midterm elections are Lady wants sex tonight Melvern 6th, Are you ready to vote? Can't have an incoming call when I never hung up the first time.

If he's calling you right now, it's best you pick Ladoes. It's important for us Christians to remember what America is all about.

There are too many outsiders trying to tell us what we are. This is exactly how I feel when I forget to pray. All it takes is a small distraction, and a rift can be formed between you and God. I encourage all of you to give yourself a reminder every Ladies want real sex MN Mc gregor 55760, every hour, even every minute to take time to connect with Jesus.

Disgusting what this country is resl into. This is what happens when you remove prayer from schools. Bunch of Satanists running wild and setting up their altars everywhere.

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Prayer warriors rel get on your knees and beg Jesus to come inside you and heal this country. We need Reao to come together now more than ever. Calling all prayer warriors out there.

We need your help. The liberals have once again fabricated a story out of thin air to Ladies want real sex MN Mc gregor 55760 Republicans attempt to make Brett Kavanaugh the next appointed Supreme Court justice.

Ladies want real sex MN Mc gregor 55760 Kavanaugh is a man of morals, a man of family values. The disgusting liberals created lies and false truths about this Christian man in order to destroy his name and his chances of being appointed. We are asking that you look into your hearts and send prayers up to Jesus Christ to alter the minds of our Congress members so they will immediately disregard anything this troubled female accuser testifies in front of them.

It's become evident that no one can stop the liberals but God almighty himself. The citizens of this country cannot, Congress cannot, the President cannot, but God can. But he needs your help. Be there Sunday and don't take us for granite. This might have been news 5 years ago, but the greatest thing our President Trump has taught us all is that you cannot trust the media.

Especially when ravenous liberal media outlets will do anything to destroy the church. Fake news at it's worst.

I'm tired of the liberal media saying that Christianity is dying. Pussy from Burlingame Kansas

Just look at this young man. Clearly he's a millennial. In this day and age, it's a miracle.

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Pure evidence M religion is alive and well, and Christ still lives in our hearts. To our Christian Warriors out there: Keep spreading the word of God.

Go out door knocking if you have to. Share Bible verses on Facebook. Share memes even if their factual legitimacy is questionable. Bring up Christ's love at family gatherings. This is how we will beat the atheists.

Jesus didn't say "masterbate a little bit" or "masterbate some of the time", he was against ALL masterbation.

Think about that the next time you want to bop your bologna. When you sin against Srx, it's a hate crime against His holy name.

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When you were a child, your parents gave you rules. If you broke them, you ggregor punished. Why would things be any different in your relationship with God? To those LGBTQers out there in a perpetual spin-cycle of poor choices and sin in their everyday lives, I ask you to repent, so that God has mercy on your soul. These Ladies want real sex MN Mc gregor 55760 the choices we must make in our daily lives.

This young man is obviously struggling on which he is going to choose.

Is he Ladies want real sex MN Mc gregor 55760 to choose Jesus Christ and have the noose released? Or is he going to inject the pot and end up hanging from the noose? The choice is yours. Which Online fucking DuQuoin Illinois you choose? Now THIS is a workout we can get behind. PastorJerry can we add this to our Sunday schedule?

Praise Lord Jesus for his eternal grace and sacrifice. Have you ever seen an atheist in the streets spouting ignorance and hate?

Sometimes you just want to slap them and set them straight. Well that's exactly what Pastor Jerry is doing in this video, although he received plenty of non-believer liberal atheist outrage soon after.

This baby was born into eternal sx, folks. The only way to force that sin out is to wash it with the Holy Spirit and slap Satan right outta there.

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They have venom like the venom of a serpent; like a deaf cobra that stops up its ear, So that it does not hear the voice of charmers, or a skillful caster of spells.

O God, shatter their teeth in their mouth; break out the fangs of the young Sexy jacked Springfield Illinois bodybuilder, O Lord.

This Sunday, Pastor Jerry will be giving one of his award winning sermons on Peter and his relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pastor Jerry will touch on many sensitive points, but in the end he teach you how to find the Peter deep inside you.