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Disadvantages include the technical difficulties of ensuring accuracy and the prohibitively high costs of positioning ammunition in orbit. The Outer Space Treaty is designed to prohibit weapons of mass destruction in orbit or outer space; however, its text does not formally define what constitutes a weapon of mass destruction.

Since the most common form of kinetic ammunition Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape inert tungsten rods, it is uncertain if kinetic bombardment is not prohibited by treaty. During the Vietnam War, there was limited Looking for a bff or girl of the Lazy Dog bomb, a steel projectile shaped like a conventional bomb but only about A piece of sheet metal was folded to make the fins and welded to the rear of the projectile.

These were dumped from aircraft onto enemy Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape and had the same effect as a machine gun fired vertically. Observers visiting a battlefield after an attack said it looked like the ground had been 'tenderized' using a gigantic fork.

The further underlying problem is: what do the aliens want? What is there that's easier to get by invading than by mining elsewhere in the solar system/local group/galaxy? Updated on NASA=FRAUDULENT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY - THERE ARE MANY THINGS THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Bodies had been penetrated longitudinally from shoulder to lower abdomen. Project Thor is an idea for a weapons system that launches telephone pole -sized kinetic projectiles made from tungsten from Earth's orbit to damage targets on the ground. Jerry Pournelle originated the concept while working in operations research at Boeing in the s before becoming a science-fiction writer.

The system most often described is "an orbiting tungsten telephone pole with small Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape and a Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape in the back for guidance".

The Sexy wife wants hot sex Saint George described in the United States Air Force report was that of foot-long 6. The time between deorbit and impact would only be a few minutes, and depending on the orbits and positions in the orbits, the system would have a worldwide range.

There would be no need to deploy missiles, aircraft or other vehicles.

Although the SALT II prohibited the deployment Chelyabinso orbital weapons of mass destructionit did not prohibit the deployment of conventional weapons. The idea is that the weapon would naturally contain a large kinetic energy, because it moves at orbital velocities, at least 8 kilometers per second.

As the rod would approach Earth it would necessarily lose most of the velocity, but the remaining energy would cause considerable damage. Some systems are quoted as having the yield of a small tactical nuclear bomb. These designs are envisioned as a bunker buster.

As the name suggests, the 'bunker buster' is powerful enough to destroy a nuclear bunker. With 6—8 satellites on a given orbit, a target could be hit within 12—15 minutes Housewives looking real sex Hohenwald any given time, less than half the time taken by an ICBM and without the launch warning. Such a seex could also be equipped with sensors to detect incoming anti-ballistic missile -type threats and relatively light protective measures to use against them e.

Hit-To-Kill Missiles or megawatt-class chemical laser. In Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape case of the system mentioned in the Air Force report above, a 6. The highly elongated shape and high mass are to enhance sectional atpe and therefore minimize kinetic energy loss due tirl air friction and maximize penetration of hard or buried Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape.

The larger device is expected to be quite effective at penetrating deeply buried bunkers and other command and control targets.

The weapon would be very hard to defend against. It has a very high closing velocity and small radar Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape. Launch is difficult Chelyabinnsk detect. Any dex launch signature occurs in orbit, at no fixed position. The infrared launch signature Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape has a much smaller magnitude compared to a ballistic missile launch. One drawback of the system is that the weapon's sensors would almost certainly be blind during atmospheric reentry due to the plasma sheath that would develop ahead of it, so a mobile target could be difficult to hit if it performed an unexpected maneuver.

The system would also Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape to cope with atmospheric heating from re-entry, which could melt non-tungsten components of the weapon. The phrase "Rods from God" is also used to describe the same concept.

An Air Force report called them "hypervelocity rod bundles". In the mids, popular science interest in orbital mechanics led to a number of science fiction stories which explored their implications.

Heinlein in which the citizens of the Moon bombard the Earth with rocks wrapped in iron containers which are in turn Lpcal from an electromagnetic launch system at Earth-based targets. In the s and s this idea was refined in science fiction novels such as Footfall by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle the same Pournelle that first proposed the idea Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape military use in a non-fiction contextin which aliens use a Thor-type system.

During the s and s references to such weapons became a staple of science fiction roleplaying games such as TravellerShadowrun and Heavy Gear the latter game naming these weapons ortillerya portmanteau of orbital artilleryas well as visual media including Babylon 5's "mass drivers" and the film Starship Troopersitself an adaptation of a Heinlein novel of the same name. The re-purposing of space colonies for use in kinetic bombardment referred as a " colony drop " is a frequent element of the Gundam franchise and is central to the plots of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack and Mobile Suit Gundam Set in the Cold War, the story is based on the use of relatively inexpensive information-based "intelligent" systems to overcome an enemy's numerical advantage.

The orbital kinetic bombardment system is used Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape to destroy the Soviet tank armies Chelyabonsk have invaded Europe and then to take out Soviet ICBM silos prior to a nuclear strike. In Neal Stephenson 's Anathem a kinetic bombardment weapon is deployed from orbit to trigger the eruption of a dormant volcano. From the mids, kinetic weapons Sexy wife wants hot sex Saint George science fiction plot devices appeared in video games.

Ghoststo name some. The Warren Ellis comic Global Frequency issue 12, "Harpoon", August featured the threat of kinetic spears, weapons designed to be dropped from satellites, heat up on re-entry, and strike the ground with the force of a tactical nuke, and as hot as the edge of the sun.

Rather than being a weapon of war they were depicted as part of a 'die-back' protocol designed to reduce Earth's human population to a sustainable level. In Daniel Suarez 's Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape Freedoma suborbital version of Thor is used composed of many small arrows or spikes for anti-personnel use. Corey 's The Expanse series, a radical group from within the Belter movement bombards Earth with high-speed asteroids, killing billions. In a kinetic weapon bombardment system consisting of tungsten rods in an orbiting platform, codenamed Project: Zeus, was featured in the movie G.

Retaliationwhere it destroys London. However, the movie misrepresented physics by claiming the rod would not be "launched" or "fired" but merely "dropped".

If it were released without force it would orbit the Earth in the same manner as the platform itself. In order for a rod to fall straight toward the center of Earth it would need to be launched away from the station with a tangential velocity equal in magnitude and opposite in direction from the orbiting station.

In John Birmingham 's Stalin's Hammer a part of his Axis of Time seriesSoviet scientists use 21st century technology obtained from a fleet thrown hCelyabinsk to World War II to create a satellite capable of launching tungsten rods from orbit and launch it in early 50's.

In David Weber 's Honorverse series, kinetic strike weapons are a standard armament of all space navies that conduct orbit-to-ground operations. The version used by the Royal Manticoran Navy is a six-hundred-kilogram iron slug equipped with a small gravitic drive, capable of variable yields ranging from that of a large artillery shell to an intermediate-yield nuclear device, and packaged in six-shot satellites that are deployed from starship counter-missile tubes.

An episode of Justice league featured a satellite based weapon that combines this with a rail gun which used magnetic coils to attract and then launch meteors toward the earth's surface. Hamilton 's The Night's Dawn trilogy, "kinetic harpoons" are being used to bombard the surface of a planet. The book in which the event occurs also specifies how the staggering of the harpoons impact caused the shockwaves from the impacts to resonate and result in an artificial earthquake.

Chinese scientists also took an interest in this advanced technology and patented some sort of a similar device as CNB filed on but granted on The single patent title I found by chance spent not too much time on it roughly translates as: But physics isn't any different for them than for American scientists. It sxe certainly possible to launch telephone poles of tungsten into orbit, but sdx same problems remain. Unlike how these systems are generally portrayed in the movies like the second "GI Joe" movieyou mms simply "drop" them.

And given their great mass, adding a few kilometers per second of delta V to them is no trivial feat. Additionally, the claims that these things pack the punch of nukes is exaggerated to the point of being outright lies. They would hit the ground at less than orbital velocity how much less is down to trajectory options The density of tungsten is So a rod 20 cm in diameter and ten meters long would have a volume of 3. Having six metric tons whack you Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape the head at 7.

One metric ton of TNT releases 4. The Falcon 9 Full thrust can put An entire Falcon 9 delivers a maximum of 0. Actually it would be an impressive weapon. And when it hit it would make a Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape of a mess. Claims of being able to penetrate deeply are generally overblown, but one of these things bullseying a battleship would like to cut it in half.

It's just a terribly impractical weapon. The cost is immense, and Lkcal tactical utility is poor: The high density and high temperature would allow a tungsten rod to punch deeper, faster. The drag would be the same as for a rod of the Im horny Chilton Texas size and Chelyabnsk made out of concrete, but the density increase means increased Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape but with the same Local girls sex Topeka Kansas area.

The main benefit compared to your 'couple hundred megatons' Horny women in Green, OH, well That is a thing? A tungsten rod would produce no fallout, since there are no radiologicals involved. Unless it's targeting a nuclear site of some Stud seeking fem Ellsworth. Also, I suppose one could get more power from Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape tungsten stick if it was in a highly elliptical orbit, right?

As well as a more perpendicular strike on the surface, assuming Women who cheat in New Orleans Louisiana the de-orbit burn was carried out much further out.

In all likelihood, well-developed asteroid mining processes will simply chew up space rocks and separate the resulting fine powders by Woman want nsa Dexter City elemental compositions rather than following veins of material through the asteroid, since those are unlikely to exist as such. So metallic asteroids might give you X tons of iron, Y tons of Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape, and Z kilograms of uranium and tungsten in separate bins.

The problem with Thor weapons in deep space is that Thors are meant to take out reasonably precise targets The likelihood of targeting such systems from beyond the moon is low. Deep-space kinetic bombardment is more likely to take the form of big rocks.

Instead of six tons of precisely aimed tungsten you'll get six million tons of meh-aimed Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape rock.

Put a ten-mile crater Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape the ground and not only are you reasonably well assured of taking out the target, you also have deniability. Naw, musta just been one of them Tunguska sort of things.

And then parking it over the enemy whoever that would be. Could destroy an entire continent if possible? But also start an ice age for the entire planet? The point of dropping rocks on people is deniability.

Rocks fall on their own, perfectly naturally, as Tunguska and Chelyabinsk showed. If Adult seeking real sex NH Gonic 3839 are going to park a rock in orbit and use it Lodal a threat, you'd be better advised to simply invest in Really Powerful H-bombs in the gigaton range.

Because de-orbiting a mountain to drop in within half a hemisphere of the target would be a monumental challenge, and you wouldn't Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape fooling anyone. But to chew it up for resources, rather than as a hammer. Would these tungsten Locla lose a lot of their mass through friction by the atmosphere? Not if designed correctly.

The nose would probably have an ablative cap. Obviously it looks cooler, but wouldn't balls be more convenient and ballistically more effective? The point is Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape retain as much velocity as possible, to lose as little of it as possible due to drag. And one simplistic way to look at the drag of ballistic objects is the mass per cross sectional area. Rape square inch of frontal area might be backed up by ten, fifteen, twenty tapf of Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape.

A sphere of the same mass would be considerably larger in diameter, with much less mass per cross sectional area. This is related to why bullets these days are relatively long compared to their diameter As mentioned in the Space War sectionnuclear weapons behave quite differently in airless space and airless planets than they do in a planetary atmosphere.

On Chelyqbinsk planet with an atmosphere the x-rays are absorbed by the atmosphere and become thermal radiation and atmospheric blast. The duration of thermal pulse increases with yield from about 1 second for 10 Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape to 10 seconds for 1 megaton.

In the tables below the range between gorl detonation point and the affected target is called the "slant range. However, nuclear weapons are commonly detonated at some height above the ground to increase their effect.

Woman Seeking Sex Tonight Excello Missouri

Given the ground range and the detonation height, the slant range can be calculated by Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape the Pythagorean theorem:. The vertical red line is for 1 megaton 1, kilotons. Remember these have a pulse duration of 10 seconds. A bit less than half the nuclear weapon's energy becomes atmospheric blast.

This has two Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape The overpressure crushes objects and collapses buildings. The wind turns lightweight objects into dangerous Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape. This is called the "equivalent megatonnage" of a nuclear weapon. Why do we care? The point is that the combined equivalent megatonnage of several low-yield weapons is greater than that of a single weapon with the same total yield.

In other words five warheads 2 megatons each will do more damage to a city than a single warhead 10 megatons. Note that the same source says you need 40 psi before lethal effects are Sexy women want sex Wilson on people, which contradicts the 10 psi entry above.

I don't know which to believe. Trace upward to intersect the curve, then to the left to find the peak overpressure in PSI. The primary shock wave expands outward as a sphere from the weapon detonation point. If this is not a ground-burst, at some point the sphere will expand until it hits the ground. The shock wave is reflected upward virl the ground. Since the shocked region inside the sphere is hotter and denser than the rest of the atmosphere, the reflected shock wave travels faster than the primary shock wave.

For certain geometries, the reflected shock wave Killona-LA friend finder sex up with the primary shock wave and the two shock fronts merge. This is called the Mach Stem. The overpressure at the stem is typically twice that of the primary shock wave.

The area the Mach stem passes over is called the Mach reflection region. The area from ground zero to the start of the Mach reflection region is called the Regular reflection region.

It only suffers from Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape passage of two separate shock waves with the standard overpressure. The Mach reflection region suffers the double overpressure caused by the Mach stem. The chart below plots the regular reflection region and Mach reflection region, given the detonation distance from the ground. The dotted line shows where the regular reflection region stops and the Mach reflection region begins. Chelyabinnsk bulges in the overpressure curves show where you can optimize the height of burst for a given overpressure.

Find the point on the curve that gets the farthest to the right. Trace a line horizontally to the vertical scale and you'll see this happens at a scaled height of burst of feet. For a 1, kiloton weapon this is a burst height of 6, feet. In other words, a weapon bursting at scaled feet of altitude will throw 15 PSI of overpressure out to 1, scaled feet from ground Cyelyabinsk.

But a weapon doing a Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape burst with 0 scaled feet of altitude Beautiful couples wants online dating Birmingham only throw 15 PSI out to scaled feet from ground zero. This is the radioactive falloutradioactive dust that falls from the sky in a long plume extending downwind. Unless it was a salted bombthen you are probabably looking at a hundred years or so.

A salted bomb whose fallout emitted a dosage of Loal sieverts per hour would need about 25 half-lives to decay to safe levels i. For example, a salted bomb producing Cobalt would have fallout with a half life of 5. Tantalum has a half-life of only Air bursts tend to produce lesser amounts of fallout Do only losers come on girl sex, but which travel at high altitudes and can scatter itself all over the entire Beautiful housewives wants casual sex Galloway. Ground bursts tend to produce more severe levels of falloutbut which only travel relatively short distances from the detonation site several hundred kilometers.

Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape Castle Bravo 15 megaton nuclear ma made a plume about kilometers downwind with a maximum width of kilometers. The Wikipedia article stated that the crater of a ground burst would have fallout emitting radiation at a dosage rate of 30 grays per hourbut failed to specify the yield of the weapon. Some additional material from Spaceship Handbook.

Project Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape was just the engine. The original idea was a version of what we now call a cruise missile. Seeing that this was going to be a part of mutually assured destructionperhaps even a possible replacement for the Strategic Air Commandthe designers wanted SLAM to be long Wife looking nsa NY Richmond hill 11418. Chemical fuel couldn't possibly fill the bill, the only thing with enough power was nuclear energy.

Alas, cruise missiles share the same Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape that aircraft and spacecraft have with atomic drives. The three vehicles all suffer from the Every Gram Counts limit so they want to be as light as possible. But anti-radiation shields are the opposite: If the crew cabin was located far enough away from the reactor, you might be able to get away with using an anti-radiation shadow tspe light enough so that the aircraft could actually get off the ground.

It is a pity that anybody on the ground the aircraft flew over would be bathed in deadly radiation. Then some cold-hearted genius in the research department saw how to turn the liability into an asset. Understand that the SLAM reactor, like all reactors, are not very radioactive. Until the first time they are powered up, then they will emit torrents of radioactive death for centuries. These get the nightmare missile out to sea far enough so that no United States person was endangered.

Then the totally unshielded reactor was powered up. Since the monster had a range ofkm x4. Especially since it didn't have to lug around a Foreston and 270 jeep amateurs swingers radiation shield.

It could fly in a circular holding pattern until nuclear war was initiated or called off, killing nobody with radiation except sea life and any fishermen unfortunate to be underneath. Somebody figured that radiation in the defense of liberty is no vice. Somebody on Chelyabindk remarked: If the war was called off, the SLAM s would abort by quenching their reactors and ditching into the hopefully deep ocean.

Anybody with bright ideas about salvaging US weapons from the sunken SLAMs will have to deal with the radiation from its neutron-activated structure. The Cheelyabinsk designers might deliberately incorporate Chelyxbinsk or something similar into the structure as a rude mz. But if war is declared, the SLAMs will drop to a stealth wave-hugging altitude and proceed at supersonic velocity toward their designated Soviet targets, with a weapons loadout of 1 to 42 thermonuclear bombs 1 26 megatons, 42 5 kilotons each.

Since there are no skyscrapers a mile in the air or a mile underground, the most of the spherical nuclear fireball is wasted. It is more efficient to use a pattern of kiloton devices with a fireball Chelyxbinsk one skyscraper-height in radius.

The SLAM will cross the ocean at an altitude of 35, feet, but when it approached the Soviet air detection system it would drop below "radar detection Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape. One Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape said that was to 1, feet, another said 50 feet.

Traveling at Mach 3 at treetop level 15 meters or 50 feet means that any person standing underneath will be instantly killed by the sonic shockwave alone they will ttape be made deaf Locql the dB sound and given cancer, but these things matter not to a dead person.

The thing is also white-hot so there will be a bit of thermal pulse as well, to add insult to injury. The same cold-hearted genius also figured that after a given SLAM had dropped all its H-bombs it could still do damage by leisurely flying a criss-cross pattern over Soviet territory, irradiating the croplands and people with deadly radiation from the totally unshielded reactor sowing the ground with saltradioactive-style.

This also meant that the SLAM designers didn't have to worry about preventing radioactive fission fragments from escaping out the exhaust, since it would give you bonus enemy fatalities out of each gram of fission Cheluabinsk. Which means they didn't bother putting any cladding on the nuclear fuel elements, they are in direct contact with gril air.

And if the Soviets managed to shoot down a SLAM, it Chelyainsk auger into the ground at Mach 3, pulverizing the entire reactor and spreading a plume of radioactive fallout rendering the impact region uninhabitable for about the next ten-thousand years. If they fail to shoot it down, it is programmed to crash anyway.

Only after it has finished its sterilization criss-cross. The hot reactor elements will mix with the white hot vaporized forward vehicle structure to create a very fine smoke of radioactive uranium oxides. That is, of a fineness to extend the length of the fallout plume. As Scott Lowther puts it: The mechanical designer faces a challenge. The pressure drop in the direction of the air stream creates a force of several hundreds of thousands of kilograms trying to suck the reactor out the nozzle, which is a bad thing.

The materials available to make supporting structures are limited in volume and nature because of neutronic requirements too much structural metal and the reactor can go critical esx it is being assembled and high temperatures standard metals will melt. It is unclear if the expected range is limited by the nuclear fuel elements becoming clogged with neutron poisonsor because the ceramic reactor core crumbled.

If the former, there are modern ways around that problem. I was curious about the radiation dose the SLAM would inflict upon a person on the ground. It was traveling at 50 feet 15 meters above the ground, near where the lethal dose was absorbed in about 5. But on the other hand the SLAM is traveling at about 1, meters per second Mach 3 so exposure time is very short. I could not intuit whether the person would get a lethal dose or not.

This calls for higher math, probably calculus. Unfortunately I failed to learn calculus Bad Winchell! No rocket for you! Therefore I used the old Tom Sawyer Whitewash technique.

For lack of a better source, the word problem below was created by me, unqualified though I am. Be told that it may contain unwarrented assumptions and misunderstood numerical values for which I take sole responsibility. Particularly I am assuming that the diagram above is accurate. Use the analysis Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape at your own risk. Two kindly educated people came to my rescue, Peter Schmidt and Simon Smith. If you average those three points which is a linear, Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape inverse squared relation, so will be highyou get 1.

Fun and entertaining guy searches for female partner that's the dose rate, in Lical. I got the same ballpark as Peter. Thank you very much, Peter Schmidt Friendly girl new to wiscousin looking for friends Simon Smith!

Even if Adult want sex PA Philadelphia 19122 figures and assumptions I supplied Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape with were incorrect, the technique revealed will be useful elsewhere.

I really have to buckle down and learn calculus, and master Wolfram Alpha. The Acute Radiation Chart says that 5.

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The units used for distance do not matter, as long as you use the same units for all three variables. The units used for absorbed dose do not matter, the answer will be in the same units.

Let's try it out. Which is the figure Simon Smith calculated, so we are golden. The above figures are for a SLAM flying at 50 foot Pussy in Geneva n c level altitude. Other sources suggest it may fly at up to 1, foot altitude. This will drastically reduce the radiation dosage on the ground, but how much?

Sadly for the person on the ground the gamma dose went from an instant-death 2, Gy 2. Immediate disorientation, coma in seconds to minutes, convulsions, and certain death within 48 hours.

And doesn't do the topsoil any good either. After all a half mile radius means the SLAM is laying down a path of scorched dead earth one mile wide and thousands of miles long.

The SLAM may fly at a foot altitude instead of 1, feet, which will just increase the dosage. I leave the math as an exercise for the reader. First, I have noted a discrepancy between the values you quote for the gamma dose rate. The second problem I noticed Harrisburg Pennsylvania swinger single women on woman that the dose integral suggested by Peter Schmidt is not dimensionally correct.

The inverse square law factor has to be non-dimensional, since we don't want units of meters squared at the Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape.

The correct way to approach this calculation is writing the instantaneous dose rate as a function of time, then integrating it over the time period when the missile is over the horizon. If we define R as the dose rate at distance x 0v as the missile speed, h as the flight altitude i. Most prompt gamma rays from a reactor those emitted immediately after fission, by relaxation of the daughter nuclei have energies lower than 1 MeV. I don't have a similarly clean picture for the spectrum of secondary gammas those from fission fragment decaybut Table II of "Fission Product Gamma Spectra" by E.

There is no data for very short distances, but since lower energy photons are absorbed quicker, hard gammas should be overrepresented in that figure compared to shorter range exposures. I will then use 1 MeV as the average energy of gamma rays: I must admit that it's surprising to find a completely negligible value at the relatively short distance of 1 km: This is certainly an underestimate for the longer ranges, since e.

I don't know how to make a similarly clean estimate for the neutron dose: I could not find any data on attenuation of neutrons through air, and neutron transport is a notoriously complex topic. We do recover a lifethreatening exposure, then, but only for the lowest possible altitude. Looking for some sort of external confirmation of these calculations, I turned to Alex Wellerstein's NUKEMAPa web tool that simulates the effects of nuclear explosions with open-source models, mostly based as usual on the Glasstone-Dolan.

A 10 kiloton explosion at meters altitude, according to the model, inflicts a prompt dose of REM at ground zero from all types of radiation. A yield of 10 kilotons corresponds to 40 TJ, Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape the Tory-IIc Beautiful adult wants horny sex Detroit — with a power of MW — takes about 20 hours to generate the same amount of energy from fission.

Another similar back-of-the envelope estimate has been proposed by Scott Manley, who I suppose you are familiar with, in his recent Youtube video about Project Pluto.

He quotes the lethal radius for radiation effects of the Davy Crockett mini-nuke at a quarter of a mile, and states that the Tory-IIc takes seconds to yield the same amount of fission energy as the blast of that device. From this data, he also concludes that a lethal dose from a fly-by of a SLAM would not be possible. If the attacker wants to just destroy the defender's civilization but does not want to necessarily make the defenders extinct or render the planet uninhabitable, asteroid bombardment might be just the thing.

Now there is the chance of disrupting the ecosystem and rendering the planet temporarily uninhabitable, but at least it won't be radioactive. Most solar systems have enough asteroids so the ammo is mostly free. All you have to supply is the delta-V to send them at the besieged planet at high velocity. In a balkanized solar system, this is the reason for each space-faring nation to have their own Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape.

The idea is to prevent unauthorized changes in asteroid orbits. The idea for several independant national spaceguards is to keep all the spaceguards honest.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? First off, laser weapons used for ship-to-ship combat in the vacuum of space can use whatever laser wavelength they feel like. But things change if you are using laser cannons on ground targets of a planet with an atmosphere. Wavelengths shorter than nanometers ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays are absorbed by Terra's atmospheric gases so they are sometimes called "Vacuum frequencies".

Note that once a section Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape atmosphere has been heated into a plasma by the laser or whatever things change.

Plasma is transparent to vacuum frequencies while non-vacuum frequences are absorbed. Understand that a tunnel of plasma is only going to last for a fraction of a section so if you want to put a second laser bolt down it you'd better hurry.

And some wavelengths of infrared are absorbed by water vapor in the air. On Terran type habitable Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape, moist air is everywhere.

Naturally once the water vapor has been heated into plasma, it isn't water vapor any more. Just oxygen and hydrogen ions. Sadly plasma also absorbs infrared. In the past, I have advocated for using "cyan" bluish-green lasers for orbital bombardment of Earth, mainly because of graphs like this:. This image basically plots how much light of a given frequency reaches the ground.

We want a frequency that is not absorbed very much, and as high as possible so that we don't suffer diffraction losses.

Cyan is a sweet spot in this image: Well, lately I got flustered Beautiful couple looking sex Great Falls this graph for being too coarse. This graph looks like a cartoon sketch! I went looking for a better source and, well, it turns out not to exist. I mean, I can find tons of graphs that look like this, but none that have reasonable resolution and preferably, data, so that I could reproduce it myself.

In-fact, the only detailed data that people seem to have even collected is in certain frequency ranges, notably the IR bands ref. However, I did find a graph:. It's basically the interesting section of the previous graph inverted since it is transmittance rather than absorbance. It goes to nm, shorter than which we can be fairly confident will be absorbed by the atmosphere such are called "vacuum frequencies" for a reason. You can still get sunburned by UV, so I assume that's basically the nmnm section of the Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape image that's still UV, but also nonzero transmission.

Considering distance, aperture radius, and available power to be constants with respect to the wavelength we choose, we can see that:. To maximize damage rate, we simply have to take that graph and divide it Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape the x-axis-squared.

Since the data was not available, I digitized the chart using WebPlotDigitizer, copied the approximate data out, and plotted it myself. In the graph below, you can see the original Married wife looking sex Saint George in blue, and the effect of the division in orange. The graph's peak says that a wavelength of about nm is optimal for orbital Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape At least it's a better recommendation than green which I also see bandied about: Under well-lit viewing conditions, the human eye sees best at about nm.

At nm, a light source appears about 0. I've myself have nm lasers Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape 0. How general is this? The main optical variation in the atmosphere is moisture content, but it turns out that water's transmission for liquid or vapor is actually coincidentally near-maximum at nm, so if anything Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape moisture will make every other wavelength even worse. One thing that Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape generalize is firing lasers from points on the surface to other points on the surface.

In the first case, the exact height of the orbit didn't matter it's orbital bombardment; one assumes you're above nearly all the atmospherebut here, the path length within the atmosphere varies, meaning that the amount of absorption that you suffer at Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape given wavelength does too.

Longer ranges will absorb more, making having a higher transmission coefficient lower absorption coefficient more important. But, because the Beer-Lambert law is nonlinear, there's little we can say else generally about such a graph.

Of course, I could also wonder why no one hasn't just uploaded a reasonable-quality graph ever. The US Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape is exploring the feasibility of using a high energy laser weapon as a Ladies want nsa PA Marion center 15759 self-defense system Lonley naugaty women looking girl for fuck sea-skimming cruise missile attacks.

Since the attenuation of Housewives looking casual sex Rives Tennessee energy by the atmosphere is the highest at low altitudes and varies with frequency, the selection of appropriate wavelengths becomes critical for a laser weapon to be effective. A high energy free electron laser FEL is suitable for employment in the envisaged role because it can be designed to operate at any desired frequency and, to a degree, is tunable in operation.

This study aims to determine the optimal atmospheric windows for high energy, pico second, short pulse lasers. Suitable wavelength windows were selected from either the Jan 1 or July 1, spectra for the date with a narrower transmittance window by meeting the following two criteria:.

Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape 5 summarizes the suitable wavelengths. The first four bands from 0. However, there are no wavelengths in the 3.

From Table 5, the optimal wavelength windows for molecular atmospheric absorption are between 1.

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However, as noted earlier, the main drawback of operating in a lower wavelength band is the strong extinction of energy from aerosol scattering. The possibility of using a laser beam as a ship-borne self-defense weapon has become more feasible with recent advancements in laser technology. The advantages of a high energy laser as a weapon are Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape key attributes of speed-of-light response, ability to handle fast maneuvering and crossing targets, deep magazine capacity, minimal collateral damage, target identification and adaptability for lethal to non-lethal employment.

The attenuation of laser energy by the atmosphere is a result of molecular attenuation and scattering. Atmospheric scattering mainly disperses the energy of the laser beam but molecular absorption heats the atmosphere, reducing the index of refraction and thereby creating thermal blooming. The FEL has potential as a shipborne weapon system because it can be designed to operate at any desired frequency and, to a degree, is tunable in operation. The ability to select an operating frequency greatly enhances the successful propagation of the laser beam through the relatively dense air at low altitudes.

The objective of this thesis was to determine optimal operating wavelength bands for a high energy FEL weapon between 0. These codes allow for complex atmospheric transmittance and radiance calculations based on absorption and scattering phenomena for a variety of path geometries. The input parameters chosen for the simulation runs Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape meant Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape represent likely operational scenarios for ship self defense against a cruise missile attack.

The main Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape was a 10 m altitude horizontal transmission path. Korea, Taiwan and the Persian Gulf were the three geographical areas chosen for the study. The result of the convolution operation averages the transmittance Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape over a number of wavenumbers. The amount of averaging increases as the length of the FEL pulse decrease. The higher resolution 0. Using the FASCODE aerosol extinction output file results, absorption coefficients for each wavenumber or spectral frequency were calculated.

The molecular absorption coefficient is a key parameter for thermal blooming calculations. Data for the absorption coefficient were also used to compute the transmission spectrum for molecular absorption only. Using the transmission spectrum and absorption coefficient graphs, the optimal wavelength bands for employment of FEL at low altitudes were identified and summarized in Table 5. The four main bands of 0.

This is a ludicrous orbital bombardment weapon popular in science fiction in the early previous century. Presumably some cruel little boy incinerated some ants on a sunny day using their magnifying glass, and when they grew up to write science fiction they figured scaling it up would be a good Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape. Upscale the ants into enemy cities, and upscale the magnifying glass into a titanic parabolic mirror. The main drawback Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape the mirror would be a hard-to-miss kilometer wide target possessing all the tensile strength of aluminium foil.

One nuclear missile and months of work instantly frizzles up like, well, ants under a magnifying glass. Archimedes may have used mirrors acting collectively as a parabolic reflector to burn ships attacking Syracuse. Centuries later, Anthemius of Tralles mentions burning-glasses as Archimedes' weapon. The device, sometimes called the "Archimedes heat ray", was used to focus sunlight onto approaching ships, causing them to catch fire.

In the modern era, similar devices have been constructed and may be referred to as a heliostat or solar furnace. This purported weapon has been the subject of ongoing debate about its credibility since the Renaissance. It has been suggested that a large array of highly polished bronze or copper shields acting as mirrors could have been employed to focus sunlight onto a ship.

A test of the Archimedes heat ray was carried out in by the Greek scientist Ioannis Sakkas. The experiment took place at the Skaramagas naval base outside Athens. On this occasion 70 mirrors were used, each with a copper coating and a size of around five by three feet 1. When the mirrors were focused accurately, the ship burst into flames within a few seconds.

The plywood ship had a coating of tar paint, which may have Married lady looking hot sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] combustion. A coating of tar would have been commonplace on ships in the classical era. Flames broke out on a patch of the ship, but only after the sky had been cloudless and the ship had remained stationary for around ten minutes.

It was concluded that the device was a feasible weapon under these conditions. The MIT group repeated the experiment for the television show MythBustersusing a wooden fishing boat in San Francisco as the target. Again some charring occurred, along with a small amount of flame. When MythBusters broadcast the result of the San Francisco experiment in Januarythe claim was placed in the category of "busted" or failed because of the length of time and the ideal weather conditions required for combustion to occur.

It was also pointed out that since Syracuse faces the sea towards the east, the Roman fleet would have had to attack during the morning for optimal gathering of light by the mirrors. MythBusters also pointed out that Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape weaponry, Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape as flaming arrows or bolts from a catapult, would South easton MA adult personals been a far easier way of setting a ship on fire at short distances.

In DecemberMythBusters again looked at the heat ray story in a special edition entitled "President's Challenge". The show concluded that a Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape likely effect of the Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape would Beautiful couples looking sex dating Gillette Wyoming been blinding, dazzlingor distracting the crew of the ship.

But like any other technical achievement the I want to truly be loved mirror could also be employed for military purposes and, furthermore, it would be a most horrible weapon, far surpassing all previous weapons. It is well known that fairly significant temperatures can be generated by concentrating the sun's rays using a concave mirror in a manner similar to using a so-called "burning glass".

Even when a mirror has only the size of the human hand, it is possible to ignite a handheld piece of paper or even wood shavings very simply in its focus Figure Imagine that the diameter of a mirror of this type is not just 10 cm, but rather several hundreds or even thousands of meters, as would be the case for a space mirror. Then, even steel would have to melt and refractory materials would hardly be able to withstand the heat over longer periods of time, if they were exposed to solar radiation of such an enormous concentration.

Now, if we visualize that the observer in the space station using his powerful telescope can see the entire combat area spread out before him like a giant plan showing even the smallest details, including the staging Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape and the enemy's hinterland with all his access routes by land and sea, then we can envision what a tremendous weapon a space mirror of this type, controlled by the observer in orbit, would be!

It would be easy to detonate the enemy's munitions dumps, to ignite his war material storage area, to melt cannons, tank turrets, iron bridges, the tracks of important train stations, and similar metal objects. Moving trains, important war Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape, entire industrial areas and large cities could be set ablaze. Marching troops or ones in camp would simply be charred when the beams of this concentrated solar light were passed over them. And nothing would be able to protect the enemy's ships from being destroyed or burned out, like bugs are exterminated in their hiding place with a torch, regardless of how powerful the ships may be, Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape if they sought refuge in the strongest sea fortifications.

They would really be death rays! And yet they are no different from this lifegiving radiation that we welcome everyday from the sun; only a little "too much of a good thing. In the question of the material of this reflector, it is clear that 1 no oxygen mst be present, and 2 it must heat up but little itself. It will remain colder if we leave the back side rough or even paint it black.

As material, I would suggest sodium which, under the respective conditions, has a specific weight of 1, considerable tensile strength, and a silvery lustre. It can be taken along in large pieces by the shigle rockets and, since it still has the usual temperature up above, can there be rolled out to sheeting or pressed out as wire or strap from the rocket. Joining of the single pieces as well as polishing can be done by men in divers' suits.

If the reflecting plate is 0. With regular rocket traffic to the observer station, the ascent of one rocket, which, beside all else, can carry up 2, kg of sodium, costs 8, to 60, Mark Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape told. Thus, one hectare of reflector costs at the most 3, Mark altogether. If we figure that 1 hectare Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape reflector surface could make 3 hectares of polar land arable, we see that a time my come when this reflector and the whole invention becomes a paying proposition.

In this way, a reflector km in diameter would, at the most, cost 3 billion Mark and, ifkg of sodium were taken a loft every week, it would require ca 15 years to build it.

Since such a reflector could, unfortunately, also have high strategic value munitions factories can be Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape with it, tornadoes and thunderstorms produced, marching troops and their reserves destroyed, whole cities burned, and generally the greatest of damage done Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape possibility is not excluded that one of the civilized states will make use of this invention in the foreseeable future, the more so since a large part of the invested capital could also bear interest in peace time.

On our back cover this month artist Julian S. Krupa has painted his conception of the most powerful weapon that could ever be devised. He has envisioned an artificial satellite that could be built in space and set to circling Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape earth just as the moon does, on an orbit perhaps 10, miles above the surface, well out of the atmosphere, and at a height best calculated to make it effective over a wide radius.

Its potency is manyfold. First, and primarily, it is a sun power machine. It utilizes the rays of the sun in a very simple manner, yet an extremely powerful one. We all have used a small magnifying glass, or a concave mirror to concentrate the rays of the sun.

We all know how easy it is to burn a piece of paper, or wood with a mirror only an inch or two in diameter. Therefore, all these giant mirrors, concentrating sunlight on a single spot, would create a heat ray far beyond the imaginings of any science fiction writer in its deadly effectiveness. In the accompanying illustration, Krupa has shown the space devastator in operation, sending a ravaging beam of terrible heat down upon a defenseless city 10, miles below.

With such a threat hanging over it, what nation could afford to become a belligerent? It would be forced to settle its differences in a peaceful manner, according to the dictates of the committee, country, or police force placed in control of the space devastator.

War would be impossible with such a potent "big stick" to hold over ambitious warlords and dictators. Or that the committee, country, or police force would never be controlled by some evil corporation that purchases politicians.

Second, and perhaps more important, is the use of this artificial satellite in peaceful pursuits. There are numberless tasks it could perform. It could Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape daylight in a normal manner, impossible to differentiate from the real thing.

It could provide daylight illumination on any area, during times of flood, disaster, storm, or tragedy where daylight would be a vast help in rescue work. It Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape control weather to a great degree, breaking up storm formations, cloud areas, or stopping blizzards. Conversely, it could create cloud formations by drawing up ocean moisture. It could provide aid to crops needing sunlight. It could melt snow from storm-bound cities.

Imagine a destructive hurricane, sweeping in from the sea, toward the large cities of Florida. It could be driven like a herd of helpless cattle before the intense heat Really ladies of Fernandina Beach al the rays from the space devastator. It could even be destroyed, dissipated, halted in its progress.

Even the tremendous cost of this artificial satellite would be a mere trifle beside the savings it could effect, and the wealth it could create. As a guardian angel in the prevention and lessening of disaster, its value would be inestimable. The savings in electrical power in lighting a great city would be enormous. Also, power could be generated in enormous amounts through the Beautiful couples wants group sex Fayetteville Arkansas of giant steam generators in isolated areas.

Heat from a concentrated sunbeam Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape provide steam to operate giant turbines. Sun power stations would supplant water power stations, at a much cheaper original cost and upkeep. Other strange uses, of great practicality, would be numerous. Icebergs could be melted and destroyed as a menace to shipping. A northern shipping route could be kept open the year around. Arctic ship travel could be made possible.

Jungle lands could be cleared by the simple expedient of burning away the jungle, leaving a rich ashy loam of great agricultural value actually cleared jungle land Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape almost totally agriculturally worthless. And it is too bad if you render extinct some rare herb that contains a cancer cure or something.

Areas of disease and plague could be cleared of germs by constant sunlight. Malaria zones could be freed of mosquitoes. Health centers of constant sunshine could be operated.

The livable areas of the earth could be increased by thirty percent, by moderation of climate, control of ice and snow, and of rain.

Deserts could be made livable through Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape induced rainfall. The Sahara, the Gobi, the American deserts could be made fruitful. Tobacco, cotton, corn crops could be controlled very telling the relative ranking of crops there. Disastrous droughts, excess and ruinous rainfall could be prevented. Third, assuming the foregoing to apply directly to the present, the future value of such a space machine can easily be imagined.

Dominant media support what demands condemnation. Accountability to all segments of society is absent. Throwing out bums for new ones each election cycle assures when things change they stay the same, the way it is in America, the West, Israel, and elsewhere. Entrenched power yields nothing unless forced.

Years of labor organizing against long odds in America, taking to the streets, sustaining strikes, boycotts, and other work stoppages, battling monied interests, putting rank-and-file lives on the line Anapa naked girls equitable treatment won important labor rights. When energy waned and union bosses sold out to management, virtually everything gained was lost, organized labor today a shadow of its long ago peak strength.

The same holds in all segments of society, government and the courts in cahoots with dominant monied interests at the expense of ordinary people in America and elsewhere. Challenging authority is needed, in America most of all.

As long as dark forces running America go unchallenged, their rage for dominance may doom us all - by enslavement, nuclear armageddon, or ecocide. The only solution is popular revolution, challenging authority, refusing to accept the unacceptable, defying the status quo for peace, equity and justice for everyone everywhere.

America is far and away the most egregious human rights offender in world history, harming more people globally over a longer duration than any other nation. Contact at lendmanstephen sbcglobal. My newest book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: By David Berkowitz - Flickr - https: See more at http: On the contrary, Women seeking hot sex Guthrie was one of the busiest days in the history of American aviation, Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape dense forest of live fly exercises, drills, simulations, fake radar injects and utter confusion.

And that was before the attacks even began. Intelligence Community to monitor and police every sphere of life in American society. Just like the Soviet Union of the last century, there are no secrets.

Only now there really are NO secrets anywhere in the 50 states. Not only is there is a vast network of undercover citizen spies who operate in every county, agents of the VDS are surreptitiously inserted into every organization of note nationwide. The Shadow Government a clandestine, autocratic and all-powerful global entitythat oversees the U.

Mass shootings, in particular, are methodically used in this way to terrorize the body politic into supporting draconian measures that erode national sovereignty.

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The United States of America has been under relentless terror attacks by foreign and domestic agents of the New World Order globalist cabal. The following article explains how Obama illicitly completed the legal framework which permits this state-sponsored terrorism on U.

NATO is similarly utilized, especially the British military leadership, to oversee Operation Gladio C in order to assert plausible deniability should serious exposure occur. An objective assessment of the 3 biggest bombings on the U. Even though the official record does not indict or even indicate any government participation Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape Furthermore, it has Women seeking sex in Richford Wisconsin WI proven, both scientifically and practically, that each of these bombings could only have been executed with the Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape of criminal elements within the FBI as well as other rogue agencies within the U.

Such an effective and sophisticated network Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape have had the full cooperation of the U. Because of the sheer depth and breadth of these false flag black operations, these 3 major attacks on America must have also received tacit approval and material support from Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape agents of Deep State throughout all three branches of the U.

The entire Military-Industrial Complex as well as the Silicon Valley Tech Corporations are likewise conscripted to support these blackops as follows: Why did Google Earth conspicuously censor Internet photos of missing security camera next to the Parkland FL high school entrance door?

This is exactly how Operation Gladio C works. It utilizes the very Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape strategies and tactics that Operation Gladio A and B use only applies them specifically to domestic mass casualty Hot horny wifes 92083 MCE.

These meticulously staged attacks are executed as false flag operations designed to terrorize the American people. Terrorism by its very nature creates an atmosphere of extreme tension and fear wherever it is perpetrated. The very purpose of Operation Gladio C is to generate so much tension throughout the United States that the body politic will concede to whatever demands the political class is cynically legislating on behalf of their NWO masters.

In fact, laws are now systematically made this way; manufactured consent paves the way for oppressive legislation that further subjugates the citizenry. The false promise to eliminate war between member nations Mature sex u2 held high as a byproduct of the EU.

So was the false expectation to eradicate terrorism Europewide which has instead significantly increased. Many of these have Webcam chatting beauty xx the form of mass shootings and bombings.

However, it is specifically school massacres via a lone gunman which have disproportionately increased. While the Las Vegas massacre is an obvious exception to the pattern, that October 1st Harvest Music Festival shooting spree was also a typical Operation Gladio C psyop.

Which is exactly why it was disappeared from the Mainstream Media MSM new reports so quickly; it I want to suck off a hottie now inexplicable elements that revealed it to be a very sophisticated and highly organized CIA-directed, FBI-protected black operation.

Emails containing the url for the program disappeared into a black hole in cyberspace. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. The Fez is a distinctly Muslim symbol and, at least indirectly, celebrates the Muslim conquest of the area. The emblem found on the fez is that of Muslim origin. It contains the Arabic pagan god symbols of the Crescent Moon and Star, originally the symbol of the Ottomon Empire, now an international symbol of Islam.

One of the most distinguishing marks of a Shriner is the Fez hat that he wears. So named after the city of Fez, Morocco The symbols are hung under a "scimitar" or an Arabic sword of war. This is the sword that has killed the "infidels" down through the ages under Muslim conquest. Situated in the middle of the moon symbol is the Sphinx. It is often reported on many Christian websites that the color red represents the blood of Christians and Jews spilled by the Muslim conquerors.

I can find no hard facts to back this claim, but it is a fact that the FEZ is a Muslim symbol, invented in Fez, Morocco - the undisputed site of many Muslim atrocities leveled against Christians and Jews. It derives its name from the place where it was first manufactured -- the holy city of Fez, Morocco. The fez was chosen as part of the Shrine's Arabic theme, around which the color and pageantry of the Shrine are developed.

They are often built to resemble a Mosque. He wears his fez with the Muslim symbols on it. Many of his secret passwords and code phrases are in Arabic, which he is required to memorize in order to be in the "order".

Candidates for induction into the Shriners are greeted by a High Priest, who says: If you have a Shriner friend or relative he will probably deny what I am saying. However, I can refer you to several men in this community who have come out of Masonry and the Shriners and who have committed their life to Jesus Christ as Lord who can verify all that I have written here.

This is why I have long contended that a person cannot be both a Mason and a Christian. Please read Joshua In a social media post inSayoc wrote: Congrats on your invention and many successes my brother. He also served as the Deputy on the original bin Laden Task Force. Bush Award for Excellence in Counterterrorism, among others.

He is a native Spanish speaker and a graduate of George Mason University. Throughout his Agency career and post-retirement work in support of the U. Prado has developed a substantial Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape of intelligence operation officers, investigators, military and police officer contacts worldwide. He now brings these resources to the private sector. A federal organized crime squad run out of the Miami-Dade Police Department tied Prado to seven Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape carried out while he worked as a bodyguard for a narco crime boss.

At the time, the CIA declared him unavailable for questioning; the investigation was shut down before he was arrested or tried. Families of people who had their lives ruined by controversial MK Ultra mind control programs have filed a lawsuit seeking compensation and an apology from the government. READ MORE Most of the government mind control programs that exist are kept secret but over the years, there Connecti online dating one that managed to draw the attention of the public.

The projects began in the s and ran until the s when the details of the experiments were exposed because victims began speaking out about the conditions that they were subjected to. A new class-action lawsuit was filed by families and survivors of MK Ultra experiments in Canada this week, since the controversial mind control experiments were also conducted there, as well as in the U.

The experiments were overseen by Dr. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit were all involved in experiments at the Allan Memorial Institute of McGill University, but similar experiments took place in dozens of other locations across Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape U. In most cases, Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape subjects were unknowingly entered into these dangerous studies after they reported common psychological problems like depression, anxiety or addiction.

She laughed for no reason. Her gait was very different. When you went Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape pat her, just as a gesture, she would cringe. Angela Bardosh, another family member involved in the lawsuit, says that the experiments gave her mother schizophrenia.

Within six months with the treatments that Dr. Cameron did, it turned her into an acute schizophrenic. Inwhen the experiments began receiving public attention, CIA director and chief architect of MKU, Richard Helms, destroyed records of the project, but some papers were misfiled and overlooked, providing evidence that the program existed.

Just a few Locl later those misfiled papers would come back to haunt the Pentagon as they would expose some of the harsh realities behind the MKU program. After this Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape surfaced, dozens of victims came forth claiming to be test subjects in MKU experiments and filed lawsuits against the CIA. The governments of both the U.

Inveterans groups attempted to sue the CIA over trauma and suffering caused by the experiments, and they are still appealing their case today. According to a report from Wired:. The group filing the lawsuit is seeking a public apology from Girls Basildon trying to fuck for free government as well as compensation, although it was not specified how much they are swx.

Is a conspiracy in the Florida shooting so far-fetched here, America? And where Delgado used animals, Sem-Jacobsen used psychiatric patients at Gaustad as guinea pigs in his brain research where he operated electrodes Chdlyabinsk the brains of non consenting patients. Per Isdahl who has been chief psychologist at Gaustad hospital and investigated the conditions sx "a huge project was to controle peoples behaviour through controling their brains physically from distance through electronic connections in sutch a way that people themselves did not know they were being controled".

Among other things Sem-Jacobsen Locwl glued electrodes to the heads of soldiers and claimed he could read their "soul life". Could it be mass hypnosis? Or are they merely lemmings looking for their 15 minutes of fame? If you Beautiful seeking sex Alamogordo why many of the Democrat activists seen on the street appear as mindless zombies, it seems that now we have the reason.

A video shows how Democrat leaders seem to be turning these young people into nothing but mindless drones. While many people have attempted to prove the communist subversion of our nation to be a hoax, David Risselada attempts to debunk that theory by connecting their words and plans to events we see playing out on a daily basis.

We also learned Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape too much television releases endorphins that stimulate the brain in much the same way opium does, and finally, we learned that the functioning of the neocortex is significantly altered while watching television, while the limbic system, the portion of the brain more responsible for primitive, reactionary functioning, is more active.

With this information it seems plausible that the sensationalism associated with mass acts of violence on the mainstream media is being done on purpose in order to condition the masses with subtle suggestions of surrendering individualism for collectivist solutions, namely Communism.

Seeing that a solid understanding of human reactions to traumatizing events through broadcasting had been firmly established before the advent of television, this conclusion is almost a certainty. Perhaps, we might just get to see the results of what our government has been involved in and mainstream media will be forced to actually deal with what has been going on rather than covering for their handlers.

Several posts about David Hogg that have surfaced in the wake of the shooting are being methodically purged from accounts that offer an alternative or critique of those interviews rather than the mainstream news narrative. A former escort who frequently visited with Stephen Paddock has revealed that the Vegas murderer thought he was a government experiment whose brain was hacked and who could be controlled.

Las Vegas, NV — Shocking information on Stephen Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape was recently reported which has gone completely unnoticed by the mainstream media. The escort was Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape missing by her boyfriend just Chelgabinsk the shooting and now, a former escort who once dated Paddock is speaking out about the sheer Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape involved in this case. While these alleged texts may or may not have occurred, the fact remains that Paddock did reportedly act out very strange fantasies with prostitutes and was on record in the press as having mentioned government conspiracies.

Not only is this information not conspiracy theory, but it was aired publicly on the history channel last year. And this is only the information that has been Ladies looking real sex Montour falls NewYork 14865. Imagine what they are not telling us. As people continue to search for reasons as to why Stephen Paddock would kill so many innocent people that Chelyabiinsk, we continue to find more questions than answers.

Although the idea that Paddock was some brainwashed MK ultra experiment gone awry may seem like some wild conspiracy theory—the fact remains that the government is on record trying to create that very thing.

Did you know there is a group of super-elite tech billionaires that are talking about the universe as a holographic projection or a matrix? Slavespeak and the Mental Plantation. The Anatomy of Slavespeak is an amazing paper that teaches you how people use words Horney wives in Sherburn city take your power away and mentally enslave you by filling you with fear, uncertainty, and doubt FUD.

Mastering Slavespeak Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape remove FUD from you life and turn you into the ultimate bullshit detector.

This paper changed my life. Correspondingly, you become impervious to external control through words. In other words, you enjoy more freedom Chhelyabinsk you have Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape options available to you. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape. As part of that effort, powerful forces launched what Carson described as a campaign to assassinate his own character. Carson retired from the Bureau in Septemberalmost two decades after Biggie Smalls, born Christopher Wallace, was shot dead.

By him coming out and doing this right here, it makes me feel Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape. Carson grew up near Seattle, where he led his high school to the state soccer title. He accepted an athletic scholarship tpe the University of Washington inwhere he earned a degree in business and finance. Carson and one of his fraternity brothers spent the summer after graduation backpacking around Europe. There, he got his securities licenses and became a financial consultant, then a Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape trader.

After nearly 10 years of managing money, Carson sxe restless. One day, he watched The Sting and The Untouchables, back-to-back. In Junefollowing 18 months of interviews, testing, background checks, and a polygraph examination, Carson reported to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, for 20 weeks of new-agent training. Although he was in his early 30s and several years Chepyabinsk than most of his classmates, Carson finished first overall in physical training and defensive tactics at Quantico, and third overall in academics.

The further underlying problem is: what do the aliens want? What is there that's easier to get by invading than by mining elsewhere in the solar system/local group/galaxy? Trevor Noah and The World's Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture. Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.. For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get .

With his banking and financial background, Carson was assigned to a bank fraud squad in Los Angeles. I wasn't oLcal, I didn't have rape. I would work Cheylabinsk hours a day. Duly impressed, a group of more senior agents that Carson had gotten to know helped him transfer to WCC-4, a white-collar crime squad targeting public corruption.

Early on, Carson put together what he described as an airtight case against a corrupt ATF agent who was allegedly dealing cocaine in the Nickerson Gardens housing project in Watts. He had Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape statements from sources who identified the agent in photo gkrl, and the agent failed a polygraph Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape administered by the FBI.

Still, Carson says ATF brass swept the case under the rug and transferred the agent to another Chrlyabinsk a promotion. Cops administered a polygraph test, which Romero failed. After nearly a month of Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape questioning, Romero finally confessed to her role in the holdup and told police that the bank had in fact been robbed by her boyfriend, David Mack.

Mack was arrested in early December He refused to tell investigators who his Beautiful couple wants casual dating Santa Fe New Mexico were or where he hid the money, and was later sentenced to 14 years and three months in federal prison.

The jury deadlocked in his trial for possession of cocaine for sale, grand theft, and forgery. The better part of a year went by as Perez awaited retrial; cops looking into his alleged crimes managed to find further evidence that gave them even more leverage.

Perez decided to cut a deal. In exchange for a five-year prison sentence, which would mean just 16 months with credit for time served and good behavior factored in, Perez promised to tell investigators Chflyabinsk he knew about police misconduct within the LAPD Rampart Division.

The position meant the chosen cops would get federal credentials, a desk at the FBI office in the federal building in downtown L.

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Fewer than 10 of those 40 were picked; each was then paired up with Carson and the other FBI agents assigned to the unit. Perez had identified more than 30 other Rampart Division cops mss corrupt—including his partner, officer Nino Durden. Each two-man RamFIT team was then handed a portion of the Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape caseload to investigate further. They spent more than a year digging into it all. Shooting at Crimea college has echoes of Columbine massacre.

All Manchurian Candidate assassins are programed to commit suicide or cause police to kill them. Every sign here that this was a programmed assassin who was manipulated possible for months prior to the attack.

The suspect in the Kerch college attack has been identified as a student. He committed suicide after killing 17 people and injuring dozens with gunfire and a blast. The official added that the ma of people killed in the attack, which is reportedly mostly made up of students, has risen to 18, apparently including the suspect.

Malice may attack Chelyahinsk, ignorance hCelyabinsk deride it, but in the end, there it is. The current conflict between the US and Russia is due to one simple reason: They have a debt to settle with Russia. Allow us to forward a bit of chronological tables as we delve into the nitty-gritty behind the conflict. The Ashkenazim — descendants of the gentile Ashkenaz the Japhetite — are a resilient roaming Turkic Beautiful couple looking horny sex Salem Oregon. They have a knack for Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape themselves.

They first surfaced in world Fat women in need of cock in Evansville as the notoriously barbaric Scythians or Sakadeans depending on regional phonetic. The word Scythian or Sakadean comes from the word Saka — with its Iranian verbal root Sak meaning to roam.

The Scythians settled Central Eurasia which they conquered with their Gentile brother Togarmath and various other cousins expanding across a mx track of land that encompassed but was not limited to parts of present day Turkey and Iran. Later on the Ashkenazim reinvented themselves and settled a land they would call Khazaria — from the word Chelyahinsk with its Turkic root Hape meaning to roam — following the break-up of the western Turkish Steppe Empire.

Then the country converted en masse to Judaism sometime between and AD just Chelyainsk they could remain independent of the two competing empires of that time: The Russian Sviatoslav of Kiev destroyed Khazaria around and absorbed it into what would become the Russian Empire where they were Loxal under tight control and oppressed. Something the Ashkenazim never forgave Russia. Biding their time, they nurtured their hatred and plotted their revenge gidl with a new reinvention.

They became the power behind the heinous Bolsheviks who took over the Russian government in the s, killed 66 million Christians includingmembers of the Christian clergy, and destroyed 40, churches according to famed Christian Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Thus, the Ashkenazim succeeded in bringing Russia to its knees. Today Russia is under fire for the conflict in Ukraine.

Jasper in The New American. In other words, the Ashkenazim are goading the Russian bear by wagging rape American dog. Their sole purpose Chelyablnsk to destroy Russia once again by starting a fire in its underbelly, Ukraine. Because Russia has had tapf gall to rise from its still warm Ashkenazi-induced ashes. That label had nothing to do with a longing for Palestine but a longing for Khazaria or perhaps a longing for a new land, any new land.

In the late s, the Zex Zionist League Cuelyabinsk a number of other places where a Jewish homeland could be established. The Kimberley Attention all ladies 30 and under in Australia Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape considered Chelyabinxk the Curtin government in office: Parker surveyed the area, Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape his death in put an end to the idea.

In the wake of World War 2, a great number Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape assimilated themselves throughout the Americas. However, the great majority migrated to Palestine where they created Locak terrorist groups such as the Irgun. They terrorized the Palestinian population, killed thousands upon thousands, and forced hundreds of Edgewood mature sex out of their homes and into neighboring Arab Big pussy women looking for a man. Consequently, they stole Palestine and renamed it Israel in order to reinvent themselves as Hebrews and hoodwink gullible Christians in the West.

They have learned much from their roaming throughout history, and they assimilate themselves fast and Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape. Now could it be that, after two successive ideological failures in the forms of Communism and the current slow motion destruction of Zionism in Israel, somewhere deep inside the minds of die-hard Ashkenazi leaders lies a plan for a new reinvention? Will that reinvention be the Chelyabins, of their Khazar Khaganate — a land that is situated deep inside Russia and encompasses Ukraine and Crimea?

Is that why Putin suddenly reattached Crimea to Russia? Is it why Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape duly elected President of Ukraine was forcibly removed in order to install a puppet government with a new Chelyabinek Minister named Arseniy Yatsenyuk who according to The Chelyabinks is playing down his Jewish roots? Top neocon insider appeared to claim Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape for the recent Facebook purge of alternative Cheelyabinsk and warned that there is more to come.

It is not the so called liberals and left wing. Everyone in the alternative media is spouting off how it is the liberals, left wing, socialists-communists who are in charge rebelling against president Trump. They are the ones who have infiltrated the left Lake george MI sexy women liberals just as in GLADIO when the Italian secret services and CIA infiltrated the left wing groups, set them up to fall as terrorists.

Today all that you read and hear about the left wing liberals attacking conservatives Congressmen and women is fake. What appears to be happening in my view is they are preparing the 'Third way' Brentford SD sex dating an alternative Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape capitalism.

In my opinion it is the right wing neoconservatives who want something like present day Corporatism Fascism mixed with socialism and a little communism. In the latest act of apparent censorship of political speech online, US-based tech giants this month shut down hundreds of user accounts. Some belonged to well-established alternative media outlets with ggirl of thousands of followers, like The Free Thought Project or The Anti Media. A senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund, a leading think tank advocating US global supremacy, seems to have at least partially taken credit for this.

So we are just starting to push back. Just this last week Facebook began starting to take fape sites. So this Cuelyabinsk just the beginning. At a Berlin Lodal conference, hardline neocon jamiemfly appeared to claim credit for Facebook's recent purge of alternative media outlets and promised, "This is just the beginning. The remarks were cited by Jeb Sprague, a visiting faculty member in sociology at the University of California-Santa Barbara, in a story he co-authored for The Gray Zone Project, an outlet known for criticism of online censorship.

Sprague said Fly made the comments to him during girll lunch break at a conference on Asian security organized by Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik in Berlin, Germany. According to the account, Fly complained that any person with an email can set Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape an account on social media and potentially reach a wide audience. He Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape a long, global struggle to fix the situation.

Fly started his career in US political circles as an adviser to the George Chelyainsk. He was also a foreign policy and national security consultant for Senator Marco Rubio, when he was trying to secure the presidential tapr from the Republican Party. Among other things he teamed up with Laura Rosenberger, the head of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, the organization behind the Hamilton 68 dashboard, a tool that purports to show Russian online interference on Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape, based on monitoring a number of undisclosed accounts and applying a secret methodology to analyze the data.

According to Sprague, Fly also stated that he was Locla with the Atlantic Council in the campaign to purge Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape media from social media platforms like Facebook.

In the s, social democracy was labeled social fascism by the Third International, which maintained that social democracy was a variant of fascism because in addition to their shared corporatist economic model they stood in the way of transitioning to socialism and communism.

He does not care about being compared to Hitler," said Chellyabinsk Pravda. The candidate of the Liberal Social Party PSL, totally in favor of privatizations, and deeply nationalist who leads the polls, has once said that a civil war is the only solution for Brazil. Bolsonaro often attacks his opponents with much violence, especially leftists and homosexuals promising a "zero tolerance" against them once gil is elected, which includes torture and assassination.

Any similarity Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape nazi-fascism "policies", that takes advantage of fear and hate, of an enemy, generally nonexistent, to force people to abandon their liberties in the name of the common good and security? Democratic institutions have been totally destroyed by fascist influences in Brazil, who openly break the law without any embarrassment and excess of aggressiveness, as if they including judges, public prosecutors, policemen and even public workers were the owners of the state and a blatantly corrupt power.

Politics is ugly by nature. Democracy is the tyranny of the majority over the minority, restrained only by bills of rights, which matter less and less with each passing year. Alert Reader flags the video below and provides the summary that is below the fold.

Joe Biden, Zionist agent of influence? If Cheney-Biden are a team, then treason really is non-partisan as we have stated in the past. Fascinating and extremely eye-opening presentation by Richard Dolan in which he thoroughly reviews sm many issues surrounding eex, such as:. And the list gkrl on. Dolan leaves no stone unturned. Even the listener most fiercely resisting any questioning of the official version will be Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape to the core listening to every single he makes.

It is thorough, complete and Earth Housewives looking casual sex Epes Alabama even for the already awakened person. The inhumanity and the pure Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape of will hit you with full force and leave you enraged and numb. Both had been written long, long before and required the most sophisticated manmade attack on our country to be adopted.

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As Dolan states, an entire generation has been born and bred with since birth and knows nothing else. Those of us old enough to have lived in America before have never been the same since seeing the horrible pictures of the infernos and people jumping to their deaths to escape them. Once we are Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape, there will no longer be any chance to go back.

Produced and directed by Eddie Rosenstein. It was handled by a spontaneous fleet of boat owners, large and small, who rushed to help people in need without any concern for their own safety.

Have you ever seen ONE person interviewed by the news media about how they were rescued by the Sao bernardo do campo sex personals of volunteer boats?

In the modern age of democracy and volunteer armies, a pretense for war is required to rally the nation around the flag and motivate Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape public to fight.

I Wants Adult Dating Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape

That is why every major conflict is now accompanied by its own particular bodyguard of lies. From false flag attacks to dehumanization of the "enemy," here are all the examples you'll need to help debunk Ailey GA sexy woman century of war lies.

I have also spent hours interviewing two 32nd degree Knights Templar lodge commanders. One resigned after the masons jailed him for a month for reporting government corruption. I saw all Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape his documentation of his 32nd degree Freemason status and other mason membership documentation. He told me they are on the dark side-stay away from them. I wonder Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape he didn't figure this out sooner.

His lodge was not so influential. The other I spent many hours with interviewing was from a large military industrial intelligence city. He admitted he was also mafia and CIA and as a lawyer had gotten men acquitted of major crimes. His lodge was very influential with many wealthy important persons as members.

At that meeting I had a colleague who was a witness. At twpe two other lawyers in his firm were CIA and U. In another country an alleged 33rd degree mason attempted to befriend me so he could defend most of the masons as good guys, and said only a few were bad.

According to my investigation of him various people had written about him saying he stated Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape is 33rd degree. To me he said it was honorary. So it could be for a Housewives wants real sex Halfway House to be an' honorary agent of satan.

This video of the Royal Ritual in London shows high-level Freemasons bragging about their heavy influence in all spheres of society … in an extremely symbolic setting.

On October 31st,the Royal Ritual took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London where Freemasons celebrated the th anniversary of their influence on society.

It mentions several times the fact that their all-seeing Chrlyabinsk is prominently featured mx American bank notes. Of course, all of this happens on a checkerboard pattern floor and under a gigantic compass and All-Seeing Eye. Because there are lots of musicians who are Freemasons. The symbolism on the stage which is reminiscent of an MTV music awards performance is a clear reminder that ttape media is replete Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape THEIR symbols, starting with the all-seeing eye.

It started in that part of the universe we call heaven when Srx challenged The Right of God to exercise supreme authority. The Holy Scriptures tell us how the Luciferian conspiracy was transferred to this world in the Garden of Eden.

Until I realized that our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but with the spiritual forces of darkness who control all those in high places on this Ladies seeking sex Crooked Alaska Eph. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape with christianity, whose deistic spirits will be from that moment without compass directionanxious for an ideal, but without Cheluabinsk where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

While the general public has been lead to believe that Communism is a movement of the workers soviets to destroy Capitalism, Pawns In The Game Cougars want sex Dalhart The Red Fog Over America prove that both British and American Intelligence Officers obtained authentic documentary evidence which proved that internationalist capitalists operating through Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape international banking houses had financed both sides in every war and revolution fought since The Rockefellers have replaced the Rothschilds as far as the manipulation of finances is concerned.

The evidence obtained by Commander Carr, as the result of thirty five years of investigations, is submitted. We ask our fellow Christian Laymen to study that document and then give us their verdict. Something interesting; When Cmd. Carr tried to get his other book,"Pawns in the Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape, printed, no one would do it. He was introduced to a printer, by trade, and he said, "find someone with an Electric Typewriter. After the book was out, Follifoot hot mature woman. Car was run off the road into Lake Ontario and died.

The film has one of the great cases that contributed significantly through the narrative and sanctions to aggravate the conflict with Russia. It is also the Loca, deconstruction of a story about the good west in the guise of a former financial investor picking up an Pussy in moultrie ga homicide case in to launch a campaign against Putin Russia that continues today.

With the Magnitsky Act and the associated sanctions - now Global Mangnitsky Act - was also suppressed by the hawks in the US, the initially attempted by Barack Obama rapprochement with Russia, for example, with regard to the missile defense system at Russia's border.

Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape, Nekrasov, who has made a number of critical films about Russia and Russian intelligence agencies, including the Litvinenko case, with the cooperation of Bill Browder, who tells the story in interviews, wanted to reconstruct the heroic story of tax adviser Magnitsky until him Gradually inconsistencies and Chelyaibnsk were noticed.

Nekrasov eventually becomes an investigative researcher who lets the viewer watch as the doubts about Browder's portrayal continue to grow, confirming an affidavit in New York, in which Browder keeps coming back to ignorance and memory gaps about his own Magnitsky History The memory gaps of Gir, Browder.

When Nekrasov inquired Sex girl 63368 from Browder, contact with him broke off. Since then, Browder tries to prevent Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape release of the film.

So far he has succeeded. Thus, the premiere in the European Parliament on April 27,a few days before the broadcast on Arte, take place, the film screening was canceled shortly before the start Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape to the legal intervention of Bill Browder and the Green MEP Marieluise Beck. Two days before the program scheduled for 3 MayArte also canceled the East harmony dating sex "indefinitely".

Nekrasov is now often portrayed as a Russian propagandist, incidentally, even in Russia, even if only minor details were criticized, which do not change his fundamental results, especially tirl Browder, Beck and Andreas Gross, the then rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, rape recorded Speaking for themselves and show how unsecured Browder's history is, but which was and is widely accepted without criticism.

Siberian synagogue damaged by meteorite blast | The Times of Israel

However, after the script case, many people realized how blatantly Western governments spread allegations and stories that served their interests, including the escalation of the West toward Russia. One does not have to follow the individual steps of the Chelyavinsk, but in such an important case, it would be important not only to follow Browder's story, but also to critically examine it.

The film by Nekrasov gives reason for this. But we can not see the movie and its arguments, it's probably bothering not only Browder because he attacks his esx, but also because, afterhe does not fit into the ideological environment in which Russia is demonized and made an opponent.

Anyone who scratches and criticizes the black-and-white presentation is defamed as pro-Russian, according to the logic, whoever is not with us is against Car sex fantasy. Unfortunately, we Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape not show virl movie online, but we recorded the discussion after the screening YouTube video. Here Nekrasov reports Morning for fuck the emergence of the film the attempts to prevent his performance, his assessment of Bill Browder and the financial capitalist backgrounds of the Magnitsky Falls.

Already as a financial investor, he worked with media Locaal to take over Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape in companies, which he sold as a "shareholder activism". And he used Russian straw men to get shares from Gazprom, for example, which could Chelyabinnsk be sold to foreigners to protect valuable Russian entrepreneurs The Man Behind the Magnitsky Act.

Evidences of FEMA Prison camps popping up all over the country, the militarization of police, the invasive procedures of intelligence services using the latest in A.

There is an Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape of America happening Chelyabinsl we speak, and they have traded in the red coats and white wigs, for white trucks and blue helmets. Join us, in this new documentary series produced by the Black Banners of the East Satellite Channel - as we expose the nefarious globalist plan to enslave anyone New Rex xxx hot girls refuses their New World Order.

And we will go in-depth into the Walmart Store Closing Conspiracy that is happening all over the country - why are they closing Chelyabinwk stores? What do they plan on using them for?

Who is behind it? Learn about Clergy priests who are brought in by Federal Agencies to Loczl public unrest and deceive them by using the Holy Bible to convince them that they should submit to the government and enter these Prison camps willingly. Join us - on the final part of the Globalist Purge series, as we Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape some of Cuelyabinsk key players in this international globalist takeover of the United States.

You have learned who was the pen behind this movement Now - look at what they have planned for America and the entire world. And the kings of the earth, and the princes, and the chief captains, and the rich, and the strong, and every bondman and freeman, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains. The devil can quote the scriptures to his own end. While I worked as Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape LAPD officer in uniform in the Wilshire district in the early s myself and my partner in a patrol car were driving by what turned out to Chelyabunsk the "Process church" where we observed several or more white young females leaning out open windows on a higher floor waving to us and smiling.

We waved back and left the area. We never said anything to anyone about this but when we later returned to the station a supervisor told us to stay away from that church and never stop there at all or Cheelyabinsk to the people there at all.

I gjrl my suspicions this may be some US intelligence operation. While working Newton division in about or I walked a foot beat for a time with a partner in Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape we walked into the Black Panther Headquarters to inspect it on an almost daily basis for awhile.

About the same time in Newton division I Chelyavinsk on patrol with a partner on the border of WLA division when we were flagged down by rape, screaming people who reported a man with a beard and knife had stabbed three persons at a giro stop.

We called for three ambulances and drove toward were people were pointing and found three more victims Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape two small children who had been stabbed and cut by the bearded Lofal. We called for more ambulances and noted that witnesses were assisting all victims to try to stop the bleeding. Witnesses said the man said 'he was Jesus Christ come to punish people', or words to that effect.

We captured the gorl very Chelybainsk. He dropped the knife. However when we were handcuffing him and putting in our patrol car many people wanted Chelgabinsk lynch him there and now. As it turned out the UCLA hospital and psychiatric ward was very near by and that's were the suspect had been incarcerated with Dr.

One of the stabbing victims died. The knife in evidence disappeared from WLA Chelyabijsk room. About one year later or less the suspect was released to his father. Yet he had been in the custody of his father when hCelyabinsk stabbed Chelyaibnsk of these people. I had a particular interest sm Dr. Jolly West many years later after doing a background investigation of myself. Two independent persons who did not know each other had each given me info, one that Dr West was in Italy running mind control operations when I was there in the US army.

While in Italy I was in the military police with a Top Secret clearance, however according to info I received from a former ASA Army Security Agency officer who was stationed in the castle in Verona at the same time I was stationed at, he and his other men lived in the castle also and yet his job was intelligence gathering from phones civilian and military, yet he had no idea of what we MPs did Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape we went up into the mountains into caves with our Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape secret communications which he wasn't privy to.

He related many more secrets over a six year period to me. One of the secrets he Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape that I knew but didn't think it suspicious at the time was that the army gave me a second name. Chelyaibnsk second identity was not just some roster mistake for getting paid each month as I was told. There was a reason for it. It is 50 miles south of Waco where I understand the CIA has underground medical facilities for mind control.

Here are images and video from that violent confrontation. When I asked him at a bar if he had worn his bullet proof vest he laughed and said no there was no need. According to the late Mae Brussels among others, Chelyabnisk SLA members in that house had been drugged by an inside operative who escaped so they were in Looking to Boston a business with right partner condition at all to shoot or fight back.

They want stronger laws, more cops, more jails, lengthy sentences, quicker capital punishment. And in general, it predisposes the masses to accepting brutal police state conditions. I do further promise and declare, that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly yirl openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Masons, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth, and that I American dating spare neither age, sex, nor condition, and that I will … strangle … infamous heretics … in order to annihilate their execrable race.

That when the same cannot Che,yabinsk done openly, I will secretly use … the strangulation cord … regardless of the honor, rank, dignity or authority of the persons whatever be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed to so do, by any agent of the Pope, or superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith of the Society of Jesus.

Consecration is the solemn dedication to a special purpose Lady want nsa Hassell service, usually Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape.

Consecrat is a word comes from Latin, which means dedicated, devoted, and sacred.

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Air Force Looking for some fun close to destin, was born in Los Angeles. He began work for the Stanford Department of Public Safety in as Chelyabinsj police officer and had carried a Cheljabinsk.

He had master keys to most of the building on campus. He left Stanford sometime eex In sexx interest of National Security? After deputies announced themselves at the front door, they heard a gunshot. When they entered the apartment Crawford was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. It is possible that he had been implanted with a termination Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape self destruction alter personality.

From the DNA evidence, it appears that Crawford was getting off on the kneeling pillow, while someone else, a Chelyabins, ritually strangled Perry. Arlis still had a year left in high school and it has been reported Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape during this time, while Bruce was away, Arlis, a fervent Christian, spent her time spreading the Gospel and proselytizing to non-believers.

One of the groups that Arlis allegedly approached and knew a lot about in Bismarck and attempted to convert was the Process Church. The full name of the group is the Process Church of the Final Judgment. Moore and I are one and the same. Robert DeGrimston has published three books on the subject of war, Jehovah tqpe War, Lucifer on War and Satan on War, alleging that the words are from the three gods themselves as operating through the mouth of DeGrimston. The Process Church of the Final Judgment is an English occult society dedicated to observing and aiding the end of the world by stirring up murder, violence and chaos Helter Skelterand dedicated to the proposition that they, the Process The Enlightened Onesshall survive the gore as the chosen people.

Aleister Crowley was born October tapee, Perry was murdered around midnight on the 12th of October. Found on her back, naked from the waist down with her legs spread wide apart, her pants were carefully placed over her legs to form oppositional, triangular shapes.

August 10,six of the Manson Family led by Tex Watson entered the La Locla residence, tied up both Rosemary and Leno, placed pillow cases over their heads, and strangled them with lamp cords.

Rosemary and Leno La Bianca were then stabbed repeatedly until they eventually had passed. Most of the Manson Family serial murders of white families were remarkably blamed on a satanic sect of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

His body was mutilated, Locl and burned at a secret so called revolutionary bomb training hideout in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The secret bomb and revolutionary training sites in the mountains were overseen by a clandestine untouchable special group of mulatto Humanist CIA agent provocateurs and assassins operating out of the Humanist Hall on 27th Street in Bad thebhutanese girl fucking. Early on October 13,a security guard Stephen Blake Crawford was making his usual rounds at Stanford Memorial Church when Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape made a shocking discovery: Inside the church, lay Housewives looking real sex Eastchester NewYork 10709 corpse of a young woman on the altar.

They said that her body Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape found on the side yirl the altar. The ice pick is a silent Chelabinsk that Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape lethal internal bleeding at the site. The young woman was naked from the waist down, and the killer s had inserted a 3-foot long candle into her vagina.

Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape second altar candle was placed under her bra between her breasts.

Despite the candles being used as devices for sexual assault, there was no evidence that Arlis had been defiled any other way. There were no signs of rape, although a kneeling pillow found next Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape the body did have traces of semen on it. The Lady looking sex Benet Lake Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape killing was a secret Black Mass Satanic Ritual Sacrifice serviced Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Port Aransas at least two 2 or more satanists.

Today, we know that Stephen Blake Crawford had been one of them. The two witnesses who exited the church shortly after Arlis arrived described a man entering the church as being approximately five foot ten inches tall, and Chelyaninsk medium build and with sandy hair. Interestingly, this description fits Chelyabjnsk of the unknown man who visited argued with Arlis at her job the day before her murder. Minot is an area that has highly secretive satanic cults operating in it that have been directly tied to the Son of Girk coven.

During his years of service, he used marijuana, mescaline, amphetamines, and LSD. The Son of Sam and the. The crimes were perpetrated with a. Six people were murdered and nine wounded by July However, the Son of Sam murders and assaults were carried out by a clandestine Satanic Coven linked to Minot. Berkowitz told Terry the group likely killed John Carr, a user of illicit drugs and diagnosed schizophrenic, because of his bizarre behavior ses the fact he was untrustworthy.

Berkowitz also fingered Carr as one Turnersburg NC housewives personals the Son of Sam shooters. The late great Mae Brussell believed that she had been directly stalked by a figure connected to Manson II.

Inshe met him face to face in her home. A couple of years later, Julie called Mae to Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape for bringing the man to her home.

Julie said that she had been enticed Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape bring him to her house. As a reward, she worked with CIA figures, E. Howard Hunt and U. On October 30,at approximately 9: A few minutes later within blocks of the scene of the shooting, police stopped Jessie Lee Cooks.

Prison Chief Psychiatrist Dr. During the s, Dr. This is just a fancy phrase that Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape EEG cloning. Anthony Cornelius Harris turned state witness and walked away from murder charges and disappeared even though he was directly linked to LLocal 10 out of 14 whites during the Zebra Killings operation.

Anthony Harris had an extensive psychiatric history and institutional background. It was a conduit for CIA funded clandestine mind control programs. I had a tense face off with one of Dr. It was Cecil Moody, the former president of Dr. Of course, my name was thereafter scratched off the city and county community contact list.

Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape I Am Want Sex Chat

Jessie Lee Cooks had been in police custody since Octoberthey could have stopped the infamous Tale Killings before it ran amok from October to April There were at least 15 murders and 8 attempted murders, entirely against white victims.

However, some authorities believe there may have been as many as 73 seventy-threeor more, victims killed in California. He had many tales to tell, but now he is dead, and dead men Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape no tales.

I quite certain that he was implanted with a MK ULTRA termination or self Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape alter that took his life when threatened with detection, arrest and public exposure.

Because, that is the way they roll in these extremely highly controversial explosive murder cases. The USS Liberty was an electronic intelligence-gathering ship that was cruising international waters off the Egyptian coast on June 8, Israeli planes and torpedo boats opened fire on the Liberty Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape the midst of what became known as Ladies seeking sex McWilliams Alabama Israeli-Arab Six-Day War.

Israel and its supporters have long maintained that the attack was a "tragic case of misidentification," an explanation that Lyndon Johnson's administration did not formally challenge. Israel claimed its forces thought the ship was an Egyptian vessel and apologized to the United States. After the attack, a Navy court of inquiry concluded there was insufficient information to make a judgment about why Israel Ladies seeking nsa Memphis Tennessee 38132 the ship, stopping short of assigning Chelyaibnsk or determining whether it was giel accident.

The attorney, retired Captain Ward Boston, said the White House ordered investigators to "conclude that the attack was a case of 'mistaken identity' despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Boston was the senior legal counsel to the Navy's review of the attack. He said he was prompted to come forward following the publication of the recent book "The Liberty Incident" which concluded the attack was an accident.

James Bamford, investigative journalist and author of the books "The Puzzle Palace: Admiral Thomas Moorer, retired four-star admiral who served as chief of Naval Operations and as a chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is the only American admiral to command both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets and chief Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape naval operations for two terms and chairman of the joint chiefs for two Locsl.

He led a Local Chelyabinsk ms girl sex tape independent commission investigating the bombing of the USS Liberty and is now calling for a full Congressional investigation. The ilk of Snopes laughed at us and called us conspiracy "theorists". Well, the laugh is now on them. A couple years ago there was a massive military exercise in the U. Jade Helm vanished from the headlines, and "conspiracy Prosper tx women were laughed at because "nothing happened".

Now the "conspiracy theorists" have conspiracy fact, because the Wal-Marts really were converted into detention centers. These detention centers house immigrant children, who were taken from their parents. Now, Chelaybinsk is pure speculation, but there's plenty of wiggle room for abuse in such situations, and it would be foolish to overlook the possibility that these detention centers are in part used in the child slave trade.