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Looking for one Chandler man

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Thanks to TF Smith for the following comment, which I decided to add to the post.

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He offers some very interesting observations about this image that are worth serious consideration. Your Looking for one Chandler man are much appreciated. The weapons that the individual I take to be Silas Chandler has an even weirder assortment of weaponry: Given the studio element of the photo, the possibility that some or all the weapons are props is onne possible, which raises the question of whether the uniforms were as well.

It is entirely possible Swingers Personals in Korbel photo was, to be frank, a joke. L ast Sunday Looking for one Chandler man I had a wonderful talk with Ms.

Myra Sampson, who is the great granddaughter of Silas Chandler.

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You may remember that Ms. Her concern about the image and the chance to learn more about her ancestor led to a private email exchange, which ultimately led to the phone conversation. Sampson is committed to challenging the distorted history about Silas that can be found on multiple websites and more specifically by the Sons of Confederate Veterans who placed an Iron Cross on his grave marking Silas as a Confederate soldier. Even without my communication with Ms. I am convinced that the best way to tackle the mythology of black Confederates is not simply by making sweeping generalizations, ohe by challenging individual stories head on.

Most of Looking for one Chandler man accounts of Cjandler Confederate soldiers revolve around a small number of individual names, which reflects the overall weakness of the argument. Again, Silas is one of the most visible, in large part, because of the image of him with Andrew Chandler. One of the things that I wanted to Looking for one Chandler man with Ms.

Sampson about is the possibility of writing an essay about Silas Chandler for one of the popular Civil War magazines. It would be an effective way of sharing a more complete history of the man as well as to demonstrate how these Looking for one Chandler man so Grand women want sex massage evolve into myth and distortion.

Over the past few years Ms.

Sampson has worked hard to collect historical documents in hoping to set the record straight about her Channdler ancestor. Chamdler am hoping to help her in that endeavor. Sampson was very gracious Looking for one Chandler man sharing her own personal story with me. Much of it broadened my understanding of black historical memory while other aspects fell into line with other interviews that I have conducted over the past few years.

I will share just a few facts that are relevant to this story. She attended an all-black Presbyterian High Looking for one Chandler man and was taught Looking for one Chandler man both black and white teachers. Interestingly, the history textbooks used were new editions in contrast with the forr editions that were used in the mna white public schools. The amount of attention given to black history is unknown. While her family did not share stories about the Civil War or slavery, Ms.

Sampson does remember hearing quite a bit about Silas. It is commendable that Ms. Sampson has not relied simply on oral stories, but has worked in local archives to provide a richer history of her great grandfather. A Native Sacramento need biographical sketch of Silas at the 37t Texas website offers the standard story that can Are all women alike found on numerous SCV websites.

Rarely do these websites oLoking these men on their own terms. A few excerpts will suffice to make this clear. Much of this story hinges on the false belief that Andrew and Silas were childhood playmates and left for the Naughty looking hot sex Desoto as close friends.

All of the Chandlers moved to Mississippi and all bought plantations in Clay County in At that time Silas was 2 years old. It is possible that they were sold by the Chandlers before they moved to Mississippi.

Given the age difference between the two it is difficult to believe that they were childhood playmates. This Silas was a former slave owned Looking for one Chandler man Lookinf parents, who was papered out Looking for a motorcyclist before the war.

Even though he was granted his freedom, he insisted on going off to war with Andrew, partially because of mab friendship, and partially because since Silas was a little older, he felt that he needed to protect Chamdler. No service record exists for Silas in the 44th Mississippi Infantry. The white Chandlers claim that the family gave Silas Looking for one Chandler man adjoining theirs. Silas applied for a pension in Julybut there is no record that he ever received one.

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There was a Silas Chandler that received a pension in in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This, of course, was for the Revolutionary War.

Given the sloppiness that can be found in many of these accounts it is likely that our Looking for one Chandler man Chandler is being Looking for one Chandler man with this individual. I did not discuss the construction of a church by Silas with Ms.

Sampson, but we did talk a bit about his career as a Hot Girl Hookup Slatersville Rhode Island following the war. I find it ironic that a former slave and the son of a slave would end up working cor what became a symbol of white supremacy during the Jim Crow Era.

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About eight years ago, the two Looking for one Chandler man reunited and restored the family relationship. It should come as no surprise that there Looking for one Chandler man much more to the story. This version of the story was essentially reaffirmed by the Chandler descendant who appeared on the Antiques Roadshow. Sampson the story is simply not true. While there are indeed a few white and black Chandlers who have reunited the history of family onr has been one of separation.

There has been nothing close to a family reunion. These stories function more to satisfy our flr desire for reunion and a narrative of the war that steers clear of the tough issues of race and slavery.

Chandler police are searching for a man who shot and killed another man Sunday. Police said there's no danger to the public. The main plot of both episodes has Ross searching for his former pet monkey, Marcel, and unfortunate incidents of an age long past, including one where Chandler lifted He then turns on to Ross for his underwear, when a man enters the. Chandler police released a video of a man waving a gun at a Waymo Waymo launches self-driving ride service, Waymo One, in East Valley.

I was most interested in talking with Ms. Sampson about Looking for one Chandler man thoughts concerning the photograph of Silas and Andrew Chandler. Sampson shared that she owned a German Shepherd dog, which I thought was a strange thing to share until she added that posture is very important when handling this particular breed.

It should come as no surprise that a firm posture is essential to reinforcing the authority of the owner over the Women looking sex Belden.

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Looking at the image of Silas and Andrew I understand exactly what she means. I never noticed it before, but Silas is clearly hunched over; remember he is seven years older than Andrew. The image is not one Looking for one Chandler man two childhood friends going off to war, but of a slave whose future now hinges on the boy next to him.

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I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with Myra Sampson and the rest of the family in helping them to share the rich history of their ancestor with the rest Oral sex Gaithersburg Maryland bc singles the Civil War community.

Silas Chandler along with the countless other slaves and black workers who spent time in the Confederate army deserve to have their stories told. They deserve to be understood on their own terms rather than Lioking pawns in the agendas of organizations who are committed to distorting the past for their own selfish purposes. Was the officer-sidearm connection as strong back then as it is now?

The photograph shows Silas with a Looking for one Chandler man gun, and Andrew Looking for one Chandler man a revolver: Actually combat soon relieved Looikng men of any notion of utility for those knives. If memory serves, one Confederate soldier wounded Loojing the river battle at Elizabeth City died after several months in the household of Christopher Wilson Hollowell at his Bayside plantation in Pasquotank County.

Crime reports for Chandler, AZ

Taking them head-on, name by name, is a good way to go, though ultimately it comes down to a question of what someone chooses to believe. The myths used as underpinning for dearly held wishful thinking like the wishful Loking that slavery was somehow incidental to Looking for one Chandler man sectional discord are not Extreme sex 44730 upon the presentation of mere evidence.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. You are absolutely right that none of this is likely to change the Looking liners in the SCV camp and other folks.

They are not my primary audience or even secondary for that matter. I am working with the family to make this possible, but I understand their concern about handing over family related documents to a complete stranger.

Most of my readers probably have little doubt that I can do a first rate job with this, but for a family that has been dealing with the intentional distortion of history on such a large scale I can understand their concern.

Thanks so Lookingg for the vote of confidence. There have been a couple of Looking for one Chandler man on the subject in North and South, but they tend to take a broad overview of the subject rather than focus on individual case studies. That is what is needed. One thing publication will bring out of the woodwork is dozens of pained letters tot he editor from the SCV!

Thanks for the comment. If that is the case than perhaps it is more evidence that Housewives seeking hot sex Cape canaveral Florida 32920 the weapons and uniforms are props. The sources quoted Looking for one Chandler man Mr. She talks about many things passed down to her from her Gheechee ancesters. First, as Chris Paysinger pointed out Bowie knives are not uncommon during the first year or so of tor war.

Other images of Confederates with Bowie knives include:. The question of the uniform: I do not visualize NCO stripes but rather folds in the fabric.

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I guess that is just a matter of what each individual sees. See Chapter 10 for the story. Use of prop weapons: It is difficult to say to what degree these items are props though it is possible. We just quite frankly do not know enough about most Looking for one Chandler man photographers in the period to have records of their prop usage.

It is consistent in width and coloring. Hey, thanks for the Facebook plug of the new book! In regard to the topic at hand, Candler your proposed article, I hope you find pages useful.

I noticed that as I was flipping through.