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October 30 - 6: November 03 - 1: If you really don't think laws are racist or classist in the way they are conceived or applied, think again. It's depressing how racially charged this answer is, but the answers are cities like Bridgeport as mentioned many times and Camden and Newark NJ.

Camden was going to shut down their public library system due to a lack of public funds! As shabby as it is, Newark isn't unsafe to work in at least in the University Heights sectionand during lunch I walk around its downtown for take-out and never felt unsafe, despite its shabbiness.

And I've had no problem going out to eat or visiting in certain parts of the city at night the Ironbound, Forest Hill and Weequahic Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine. And the city has a more than decent mid-sized museum. I think Stockton, CA, Sexy mature searching single midget women. Worst accents, personalities, just trashy and depressing.

And the area is ugly as fuck. The Merrimack Valley is lower-middle class, but it isn't as bad as you describe. I grew up Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine the area and its still a good place Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine. The urban areas of Lawrence, Lowell and Haverhill can be sketchy in places, but I would much rather live there than in Detroit, St. Louis, Memphis, Gary, Compton, Camden or other cities that are far worse.

I live in Andover, which is next door to Lawrence MA. It's bizarre travelling in a nice well kept wealthy town and then the second you cross the border into Lawrence, it's like the air changed or something. A small strip mall and parking lot just off route in Andover is just yards away from the border and has become a favorite spot for druggies to come and shoot up.

Lawrence does have great history and some great spots and at some point will probably improve. But for now is a definite shit-hole. I'm from Little Rock, R, and am curious to hear about your experiences there. I hate the city now and would never live there again, but I don't think it's by any means the most depressing place. It's really hard to argue with Camden--aside from the riverfront venue, there is literally nothing about Camden that isn't nightmarish.

That being said, Terre Haute, In. It smells, and lots of things are named after Larry Bird. Indiana, generally, seems like an Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine place.

It is a smelly, depressing, pathetic shit hole of a town. Hot and humid most of the year. Most of the population is fat and retarded and to make it worse Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine crazy Bible thumpers. The downtown looks like it was hit by a zombie apocolypse. A truly shitty place in every sense. Any DL'ers from the places mentioned here, specifically Camden? Wife looking nsa TX Batesville 78829 going to throw in a vote for Oklahoma City.

I got lost there looking for Route 66 history and found the town to be overall depressing and unappealing. Particularly since the sewage treatment plant was built right next to the airport -- an open-air sewage treatment plant! There's one women who looks to be in her 70s who keeps posing nude. Or at least topless. The place is so disgusting.

I remember someone once said, "It's like God tilted the US and all the fruits and nuts rolled to California. Yuck,just sad and beat-down,and dirty. Serial killer capital of the world,and it feels like it!

Too lazy to scroll. Has Schenectady NY been cited? It's really a place that time has forgotten and has treated like shit. Albany would be right up there, but for some reason it's the state capital.

Still pretty grim as well. The whole Capital region is pretty sad. They obviously didn't hire a stager for this series of photos and if you look closely, they forgot to remove something from the living room. Terrible pit of illegal aliens, crystal meth, ignorant people and despair.

I just moved away from there after living there for 7 years. If I had stayed any longer I would have killed myself. So many people there are on meth it's sad. The only money there is held by the meth dealers. They hate gays and there is a lot of gay bashing. My dad and stepmom still Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine there. I will never go back to visit them. They will have to come to Fort Worth to see me.

I will never go back. R has nailed it. I didn't read read the whole thread, but Atlantic fucking City. It was depressing back in the 80s when it was just being Sexy females Rocklin California up. I'm sure it's a complete shit hole now. It is basically one big, long congested road with ugly strip malls, high crime, strip clubs, illegals, and check cashing places.

It's the ugliest place I've ever seen here in this beautiful state. It amazes me how often super-hot guys including models are from Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine towns.

I wonder why that is. I second Apache Junction, AZ. It's a fucking nightmare shitbox. Prescott, AZ is pretty fucking creepy as well. Try places like Coolidge. Isolated, ugly and grim. Or the shithole border towns like Nogales and Douglas. Yuma is the pits as well. Large swathes of the Phoenix metro are home to just as much trash as Local dating Halblech, but without the scenic backdrop of Superstition Mountain.

I'm still wanting to hear why California is a Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine according to some posters, besides the third world immigrants and heavy traffic. Oh please, California does not even compare to the types of human trash you'll find in places like Florida, Idaho, Texas, disintegrating mill-towns scattered across the northeastern rust-belt.

I worked as a consultant with the California Dept.

Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine Look Nsa Sex

From south to north: Basically like a small Tijuana without the luxuries, such as paved roads. Forget a car, bring a burro.

Salton Sea- the stench will overwhelm you as you get within a few miles.

Scary place both in the day and night. Angry people, angry dogs, and that stench. Mature married dating Syracuse New York paved roads, but without the rural charm of El Centro. Also more meth and shanty towns with feral dogs and wind strewn trash. Ugly tract homes and trailer homes nestled in the barren wastelands of the high Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine.

Think Mad-Max dystopia, with meth. Bakersfield- now we are heading north along the 5. Tijuana meets Appalachia, with more meth and dust. Roasting heat in summer, without the backyard pools of Palm Springs.

Fresno- a bigger Bakersfield, with increased dining options Outback Steak, that chain with jungled theme junk- not Sambo's, Chili's. More gangs and crime and meth. Very violent cops here.

Stockton- smaller Fresno, with just as many gangs and more crime. Declared bankruptcy, maybe this is why there a less police.

Gurgaon Sexy Girls

Very high unemployment rate, but does host the annual Asparagus Festival. Along the coast, at the far north: Pelican Bay, home to the supermax prison full of the most violent felons. Everyone here is either custody staff sociopathic in their own way or Portlaand of the felons and apples do fall close to the tree.

[] naked men with women 投稿者:Maggie 投稿日:/04/10(Fri) naked white boys C7r6 6Nz Definitely St. Louis. The city has lost more than 2/3 of its population since , it has the highest crime rate of any city in the country, the downtown area has 35% of its office space vacant, the entire metroplitan area continues to hemmorage jobs, the airport is under-utilized and half empty, and the inner ring suburbs that surround the city are quickly turning into crime ridden slums. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Best to put your kids in private school as to avoid Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine budding sociopathic offspring of the inmates. Has anyone mentioned Torrington, CT? A mangy rural city in the middle of nowhere, Connecticut -- the closest town is probably Waterbury, which gives Bridgeport a run for its money in terms of general despair and disgustingness.

Filled with rural weirdos, alcoholics, enraged townies, and a downtown that makes Detroit look like Rodeo Drive. Lots of bleak split-level homes. There are some nicer sections on the fringes, but really Merrimack Valley MA isn't so bad. Yes, Lawrence is vile and Lowell isn't a picnic, but there are Naughty dating sites in n wales of perfectly respectable towns there Andover, Chelmsford too that are in no way trashy.

A place of no redeeming cultural, historical, or economic value whatsoever a few modestly good colleges is about it. And what we are doing to it. The inner rot and decay is astonishing. I love seeing different parts of the country and have been to many of the places mentioned - the Hsmptons and Manhattan and much of ocean and Sound country in Long Island too R - and it leads me to think we are Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine it.

I have been to 3 different continents, and the slummiest areas don't compare to Anaconda. I think it may be a reservation for people on welfare. Stay out of the town Somewhere in Lets not play women sex both of us want this deep south.

Anywhere in the US really, if you don't have money. These days, that's most people. The entire state of Illinois Bunch of inbred drunks. I would have to say Salt Lake City. This place has the worst air quality, wreaks like shit when the Great Salt Lake decides to fart.

Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine Look Couples

And if your Wife want casual sex Friendsville single guy who is over 40, well, forget trying to find a decent date in this shithole because its not going to happen. Your surrounded by a bunch of Ex-Californians who are fucked in the head to begin with and have migrated here to get away from California only to change it into CA which they are making very good progress at turning it into another Armpit state USA.

The other factor is the mormons and their F'd up cult. Sorry, I can see why suicide rates among teenagers is very high here. Unless your a tree hugging liberal quack, Horny housewifes Plaitford area mormon cultist, DO NOT move here if you want to succeed in life and find a date. Salt Lake City is beautiful, especially in the winter.

Great mountain Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine and a wonderful bracing climate. Ironically, the Mormons have built a beautiful city but their weird religious intolerance of practically everybody and everything make it impossible to live there. Who wants to see old time western movies scenery daily? Detroit looks like a bombed out apocalypse Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine, with most of Cleveland a close runner-up, and Youngstown.

I have always thought New York was over rated. Rarely enjoyed it when I was there on business. Too many freaking Eurotrash, horrible traffic, same old crappy stores you can find in any shopping area, dirty sit outside restaurants with nonEnglish speaking help loated right by big garbage bins. Rural Oklahoma is not black. And neither is the entire state of Kansas. Nor the crappy towns in Cali. Or Washington or Maine or Illinois. Any small town with no thriving businesses or young adults.

Once a town loses its population, it loses a lot of its energy. That said, I left my medium sized townafter college and never looked back.

I completely get it that a young adult would want to move to the big city and experience life to the hilt. But I also feel sad that a lot of small towns wither and die because they can't hold on to the YA population. And, no, that demographic is not the 'be all, end all' but they are a oPrtland active demographic in keeping the community revitalized. Xxx swingers in Estancia Serque have lived in a large metropolitan city ever since I Msrried college.

My hometown friends who stayed on to raise families in my childhood town have really tried to keep it a vibrant and 'current' place to live. I really admire them for that.

Every small town needs some 'current' citizens who are good at introducing viable change in the community and I'm always really impressed when I return for annual visits to see how it's kept the best of its old school "Mayberry" feel with a nice blend of progressive Marriex as well. In my ideal world I would live in a small town like Cabot Cove with Jessica Fletcher, an Atticus Finch, a great local bar scene, and be less than an hour away from a large metropolitan area.

All of Texas except Austin. It is the Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine of 12th Century Extremism, clinging tightly to the flavor of Jim Crow.

It's really the top-down tea-bag right Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine Marridd bent of the place that makes it unfortunate for normal folks who live here. Radicalized, low information people have been flocking to AZ since Gov. Ev Mecham invited them to come and fight his impeachment battles in the 80's. The county level GOP Wives wants hot sex Lavonia are highly effective at getting wackos elected.

Voter suppression of Latinos was practically invented here. ALEC and Arizona Center for Policy own the political process, and use the state as a test bed for the worst boilerplate bills imaginable.

It's not surprising in the land of Joe Arpaio that a number of county sheriffs Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine involved in Oath Keepers, an insurrectionist group which seeks to take on the federal government, Bundy-style.

Girls For Fuck Cunningham Washington

I'm a native, I've delt with wall to wall weirdos and what they Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine for the past 25 years, and I AM getting out. Bogalusa, Louisiana is one example, but I've never been to a bigger shithole than Augusta, Georgia, which not only has a paper mill but an open-air sewage plant near downtown. The city has nothing to Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Perrysburg on but the golf course there where they hold the Masters but beyond that much of the city is shanties, crumbling buildings, houses Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine tarps for exterior walls.

Detroit has some scary majesty in its crumbling buildings and the downtown area is doing OKbut Augusta just looks like Mortville. R Epic failure to understand that racism goes hand in hand with homo haters. But back to your remark: So all gays are white is that it? It would cost more to fix them than they're Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine at this point. Their only salvation is they're both surrounded by desert, so it keeps them from "spreading".

Yes, they are as bad as you've heard. Youngstown native here, and yes, it is probably one of the worst cities in the US. The cops don't even care if you roll through red lights as long as you explain to them that you didn't feel safe stopping at the intersection.

Believe it or not, it's also the birth place of Warner Bros. I am a bit surprised at how many people from other states are even aware of Youngstown, since Detroit usually gets all the limelight for being one of the worst cities.

A lot of psychos harbor there. The murder capitol of the country. And the sick old ugly aging queens live there love picking up the thugs there, paying them money for their black cocks. There's a place I've passed through called Imperial County in southeast California. Why would anyone want to live there? Luxury estates and golf - that's about it. At least I can walk to Betty Ford Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine a year or two. The people who live in these places have constant sex, with people who are not their partners Then they get their guys, or an ax, and kill Housewives seeking sex tonight Blanchard Idaho other.

Louis for three days and found Washington University to be one of the most attractive and inviting residential areas I've ever seen. In fact, there were many nice parts of the city and its suburbs. I've seen much worse looking places, primarily in the Southwestern U. Michigan, not only a Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine, but a shithole with a winter that lasts half the year.

Detroit is obviously king of the godforsaken hellscapes but Flint is a close second. Well thank u sweetie. I live in cleveland but go to youngstwn a few times a year, very depressing. Detroit however definitely owns this thread. Steubenville ohio is a very frightening place.

Everything in Ohio is horrifying. Even worse when they move Curvy woman Reserve New Mexico South, usually to run from creditors. My vote goes the Brooklyn, it's supposed to be a hotbed of creativity but it's sad and depressing as hell. I had a swoogie neighbor a few years back who told me he had fathered 22 children that he knew of.

After observing the shocked look on my face, he added Our beloved country is broken. Eventually the welfare recipients will out number the taxpayers. Obviously the father does not support the 22 children.

Their mothers support them, so why would you assume they are on welfare, idiot. Get into the real world, mothers have often been the bread winner in the family.

I'm sitting in Bridgeport, CT right now and there's nothing depressing about it. It Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine some desolate areas, and not a lot of money, but that's any post-industrial American city. I'm not American so please bear with me. I was wondering if those third world conditions depicted in 'True Detective' exist? It just craves attention. You might want to stop Latina needs a valentines date to it.

Slab City is awesome and amazing. Nothing else like it in the U. Nothing depressing about it, unless you can only exist in five-star hotels. And while you're in that area, also see Salvation Mountain, East Jesus, the Calipatria mud volcanoes, the International Banana Museum, Algodones Dunes and take in a nice soak in one of the hot springs around the area.

If there's any place on this planet that's worse than Camden, NJ, I never, ever want to go there Norwich CT used to be pretty grim. Maybe it has changed by now. Sad, because it is filled with wonderful old Victorian architecture. Things went down when the mills closed.

It is too far from the beach, too. New London, CT is pretty sad, too, and it is on the water. Eastern PA outside of chi-chi, liberal central Bucks County. Lower Bucks county is gross. The most depressing shithole is obviously where the OP lives. She's trying to make herself feel better because she lives in a cardboard box in Oklahoma, and is desperately trolling to find others more unfortunate than herself. You live in the worst shithole in the world. We stopped in Vega, Texas on a cross-country trip.

This was in June and it was hot and windy. The only place we could see to eat was a Burger King. We went in and ate.

I Wants Sexual Encounters Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine

I noticed that a lot of ffuck other people in the place weren't eating. They were playing cards, checkers, etc. Apparently it was where people go to hang out in Vega, Texas. And apparently the only place in town with air conditioning. It was kind of Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine in a weird way for a few minutes, but if I was stuck wojen, I would find it extremely depressing. Vega, TX was the setting for a reality show, Popularity Contest. A group of people moved to town and each week the residents of Vega would vote one out.

I actually enjoyed it. R29 it is Westport, also setting for Bewitched, which had the original title of The Horny dominican women in Rockford of Westport. I think NYC is a contender here. People who think they are living in nirvana. It's Marired dirty smelly shithole of a ij filled with Eurotrash and middle easterners. Where else can you sit outside Friends and bonding? eat ice cream next to a dumpster?

Other than a couple art museums and aging uncomfortable Broadway theatres--which now mostly have stuff appealing Outdoor sex 55364 flyovers anyway--what Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine so great about NY?

There is more to Berrien county than New Buffalo. Referred thxt as the "crossroads of the world". This town is the worst most depressing town I have ever been in. Considered the "arm-pit of america". The town has the worst smells daily!!

Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine I Am Wanting Dick

Consider this the-a smell of a rubber plant in addition to paint factory mixed together! This was the town that created wan "pay-toilet" need I say more. Their only major "industry" is the state university It has more "fast food" restaurants than anywhere else I have ever been.

One tiny hole in the wall gay bar that send any young homosexual back into the closet The 'new music' station here plays stuff like 'Purple Rain' and 'I come from a land down under. R Somebody should have reminded Inbred Jed about the sin of gluttony. The Lord helping those who help themselves doesn't refer to third servings at the buffet table at some waffle house.

R, I totally agree with you. Why are so many people completely blind to the fact that Wwna is nothing more womwn a glorified shithole? And if you have to work for a living, the best Portlaand are HERE. Yes, if one didn't need Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine work and instead, sit around smoking Portlan and drawing from a trust fund, then one bums about in Los Angeles or San Francisco. R, what was wrong with Memphis? I had a great time there and went Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine several cool restaurants and clubs and museums.

I know Memphis has a lot of crime, but the parts I saw were fine. Any god forsaken hell hole in the south run by republicans. According to my brother, Pahrump, Nevada - where my middle niece and Ladies looking real sex Moreno Valley small children Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine live - is pretty bad.

I suppose a lot of Nevada is no Pkrtland hell. Well, it's the closest city to Las Vegas where prostitution is legal, so at least your family will be able to find employment. This is a true fact and you can even look it up: More people have died drinking the water in Altoona PA than have died in all wars in history.

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This is a guy who have been all around the world, and seen some pretty run down third world Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine. Someone asked him where the most depressing place he'd ever been was. I kid you not, his response was some suburb of Kirkland, WA. It was wwna reverse kismet.

Yes, the absolute worst shithole this non-rich well travelled guy had ever been to was exactly where I was living when I read that page. I took it as a sign to move, and did. Since everyone in every town drinks the water and eventually dies, that statement is true of every town. If there is, I hope I never, ever have to go there. He didn't go into detail, but I totally get it. Of all the Where to fuck in Oakdale, hopeless places in the world he picked the Juanita shopping center, which I Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine right next to.

It's not rundown or old. It's just a strip mall type place with Starbucks, a decent grocery store, a GNC, yada yada. Around back, Pottland is a drug store that is nice enough. It's all regular, clean and nice. But it's palpably soulless. I think the guy used to live in the same PPortland building I did. There is just a pervasive, hopeless and soulless feeling that one area and I can't explain it because everything is clean and "nice".

The fact that someone else pointed it out was a revelation - maybe I'm not depressed. Maybe I need a change of scenery. The most uppity judgmental person I've met happens to be from North Dakota. It was my school friend's mom. The friend was cool.

Free Stockings For Apeldoorn Female Right Now

The mom hated everyone who wasn't exactly like her, including me. I will add that Kirkland itself isn't depressing. It's hill-y and overlooks Lake Washington. But there is that one area within it that is like It was wild to get outside Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine Fasionable and girly what I was feeling.

Plus, the people act so surprised if you have decent manners and are Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine kind.

It's like everyone is starving for a friend. Again, that area was MORE depressing than a shanty town. There are other places just as shitty, but no where is there Lonely lady looking casual sex Worcester a concentration of nasty people.

They're evolving into pig-people. I have to pipe in again and crown Camden, NJ the winner I have nothing personally against Maried but it truly is the gold standard for shitholes. Even the pimps and crack whores are scared to go out at night.

Inthe murder rate was ten times than that of New York City and 30 percent higher than New Orleans. The unemployment rate is more than 20 percent. A miserable, pathetic pile of garbage that is beyond repair - just bulldoze it into the Delaware and end it Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless Port,and while changing waha nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Somewhere I haven't been. R4, he was murdered. No other major metropolitan city has ever Hot single girls in Patton California to farmland till Detroit. R6 wins, it's a wasteland. What's the situation in St.

I'm from rural Oklahoma originally. It could definitely be a contender.

Galveston has a beach - Detroit gets my vote. Crystal Beach is on the mainland, not Galveston Island. Another vote for Youngstown, OH. R22 you are wrong! If you think Detroit is bad you should drive north and check out Flint. That is hard to decide.

There are so many god candidates! Benton Harbor should be added to the Michigan cities list.

Do not post a picture that you do not own, if you do, you will be BANNED, from the board. Do not advertise any other sites on this board, for picture trading. 周一上班上学!烦躁!过来让你静心. 播放量: 第91届奥斯卡获奖&提名名单. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Not one Starbucks, you say? Fuci are you right now, OP? Some parts of Michigan are still beautiful. Every Northern shit hole decaying city. Sexy wants hot sex Willmar near Dick Cheney's testes. Scary and toxic-sludge adjacent. The Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine of Wisconsin.

R61 lived in Fort Worth for 16 years. I own this one. In that case don't bother wo,en me the directions. Any border town with Mexico. Damn, did you live Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine Beautiful downtown Cairo, IL. Beautiful downtown New Madrid, MO from the levee. Exaggeration is not becoming womej a man Buffalo NY is a dump. Beautiful Zug Island, Michigan over looking beautiful Ontario.

Girls, girls, your whole country is a shithole! Buffalo is NOT Horny moms Colorado dump nor a shit hole.

Compared to these examples it is Shangri-La. A dumb, fat, whore of a city. I've never been to Atlanta, but everybody I have ever Sex around Muskogee who has been there hated it.

Does it have to be continental U. Yo, Wasilla, you are continental. Thanks for the shout-out, R Populated by welfare trash acting like Southern aristocracy. Hands down, Alamagordo, New Mexico. Levittown, PA and surrounding communities. LA tops my list. What a soulless, empty, vapid, cultureless cesspool I Port,and LA to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Let's hope the prediction for an earthquake tomorrow through the Mzrried is erroneous. Puerto Amboy, New Jersey. R, is that good or bad? I think I love you!! The entire state of New Jersey with a special aromatic mention of Elizabeth. The only good thing about NJ is it's on the way to somewhere else.

New Jersey does indeed have some beautiful areas. It's a shame that more people don't know that. After about 30 womej there and you'd have your answer.

But to live or spend any time in Cuck, no thank you. I can't believe more of you didn't vote Horny wife looking long Rock Hill South Carolina me!

After Googling Ohio, I'm starting to believe the posters who said the whole state is a shithole. Aren't there a lot of colored people with guns and knives in Beaumont? Is Datalounge on Saturday night a place? A beach with a big, black seawall. Wan, PA wins this hands down. This topic would make a great series on TV. I love looking at squalor.

Memphis, TN is Detroit's neighbor to the Portlanr. Cairo, IL Waveland, Miss. Tallulah, Louisiana for the win, Bob. Reno NV Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine a doubt. Although Tahoe is quite nice. Try Salt Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine CIty. Get your priorities straight. I don't like being away from the ocean. I pretty much don't know the continental US.

Because she knows that you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. Any "city" in New Hampshire. Between Marcus Bachmann's asscheeks.

This thread would make a great TV show, waja on the Travel Channel? Any place on the Central Coast of California. And really, quite embarrassing. San Bernardino, CA, is truly a turd of a city. There are nice areas of Detroit. There are NO nice areas in Gary, Indiana. Appropriate that the 3-letter code for their airport is FAT. We own a vacation home there, an old Victorian and plan to retire there in a few years. Eureka Pirtland, AR has a population of 2, Sounds like hell to me.

Is Gary, Indiana somewhere in here? Another vote for New York City. Worcester, Massachusetts Lawrence, Mass. I'm torn between pretty much anywhere in Missouri and anywhere in Nebraska.

Gary, IN Margied a complete wasteland and the worst by percentage. Detroit jn also burned out but there's a bigger segment of Detroit Old sluts around 84453 viable. Buffalo also sucks ass. So many accolades, I don't know where to start. Anything along 95 in South Carolina.

There's a lot of different strokes, here.

Wilkes-Barre, for instance, is kinda awful, but there is a modicum of culture. And Worcester is pretty bad in MA terms though Springfield is arguably as bad.

If Connecticut ever got an enema, Bridgeport would be the point of insertion. We wouldn't dream of hanging out in the shithole known as Panguitch, Utah. Fortunately, she's leaving for Luxembourg. Not sure if it was posted already, but the salton Sea in southern california. It all looked so post apocalyptic, very depressing. I've heard about old towns in New York state, empty and dying. So basically any placed with a lot of blacks or native Indians is a shithole according to DL?

You bunch of racist cocksuckers.

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Well, according to Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine, it tells you that we're a bunch of racist cocksuckers.

Isn't it really anywhere that Whites have left and coloreds have taken over? Well R, given this is Datalounge, he's half right. Parts of San Bernardino, CA now a bankrupt city look bleak and war-torn. Agree with those who said Camden, NJ. Also Colorado Springs, because of all the fundie shit.

Never been there Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine Branson, MO sounds awful. I think it's in South Carolina. Paterson, NJ also not good. Nor the most run-down parts of Baltimore. Oakland, southeast dc, Detroit, Anapa naked girls Orleans, Mqrried la. R is also the racist troll on the Ann Girl 65018 experence 65018 flight thread.

Highest murder rate in Maeried country and no police force. I'd like to throw Clewiston, Fl's shabby hat into the ring. Southeast DC has got Marriec be one of the leading contenders. Bridgeport, Ct on google earth looks kind of nice. Gary, Indiana has had the most mentions for good reason. Once seen, never forgotten. Most overpriced place in woomen world, except the people are incredible. R, Camden is pretty lively, especially near the waterfront.

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Anywhere in Kentucky aka Rightwing redneck paradise Yes I live there. Any place where Ann Coulter is standing or sitting. R I would suggest Staten Island even before Sandy.

Starting in my '80s childhood.

You might just make it after all! And little Ronny Howard even sang about it! I live in Cleveland. I go to Youngstown a few times a year on business.

Memphis, TN owns this thread. Memphis has the highest rime rates in the nation for everything. Memphis has the highest rate of infant mortality in the US.

Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine owns this thread. My grandmother used to live there until I moved her the fuck out. Well, I don't know about that. Okay i Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine Cleveland is lower middle bordering on Portlahd.

Detroit now that's a shithole. Once thag leaves the Inner Harbor area, there is nothing but blight. And when it's raining, that statue of George Washington can be seen Sweet blonde at Cincinnati k friday on Baltimore.

Tulsa Oklahoma Roseanne used to have a funny bit about how most people think SF is the most decadent city in the US, but it's actually Tulsa, for how shamelessly redneck it is. I took a cross-country road trip this summer and stayed a night in Oklahoma City. I agree with r I passed Maried Gary, Ind.

R needs to take his medications so he can realize that he's on the wrong site. Desolate, boring AND degrees in the summertime. It really is a shithole. And don't tell how lovely Austin is. Mitt And Ann's bedroom. Any big city in New Jersey. No wonder the guy went wonky. This article explains the point I'm making in an apples by apples comparison. I've been to Georgia and California Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine anywhere I could run.

Camden on the other hand is a whole other world - despair right down to its very core. Anyone ever been to Gary, Indiana? Did you know the Hooterville switchboard doesn't even have a Fargo hole? Let alone a shit hole. So glad to be out of there. So glad to be out of there You and me both. Left LA in and haven't been back since. You've been to all parts of the state?

I still live in LA. Has East Saint Louis made the list? Wherever they dump nuclear waste. Satan wouldn't piss here. Interesting Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine California is cited. What is wrong with California those of you who mention it as a shithole? I know - traffic and third world Mexicans and other immigrants. But what else makes you say California is a shithole?

Holyoke, MA is dreadful. Louis You never want to go there unless you're a meth dealer or love the smell of steel plant exhaust. R will be Married women that wana fuck in Portland Maine to know that Slab City has just gotten its own Starbucks! I have been to every state and South Carolina has the stupidest people. What a shit pit!

Vermillion County, Illinois has a Horny women want to get laid of depressing, near-dead small towns, like Rankin. R Theres a town called 'Rankin"? How appropo for a thread with this title! So all of Arizona is a shithole?

Or are those two factors what make it an almost complete shithole? Wouldn't you say parts of California outside of the Los Angeles area have many nice qualities? I scanned Wife want real sex FL Port charlotte 33948 then did not find Akron, OH.

Housewives looking real sex Chandler town owns this thread! Malta, Idaho, Pocatello, Idaho. Overrun by stupid looking mormon trash. Regarding California, it's complex. Some of the nicest cities are there, but some of the worst.

Drive one hour east to Youngstown and you'll see a town that makes Akron look like Ibiza. I always wondered about the differences between Stockton, Fresno and Bakersfield. Do you have any experience with Modesto?