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Athwart two hostile Powers we stand: Subscribe to this blog's feed [ What is this? Therein Nicolas Eberstadt assembles some impressive evidence to defend the accusation entailed in the title. Most of this distortion, of course, derives from the most populous parts of the world, above all China, where social engineering of the atheistic variety reached its zenith.

However, India, Latin America, Meet girls for sex in Acton California in Asia, and the West have joined this grand project in enlightenment: According to Eberstadt, the numbers already extend into the 30 million range; in other words, larger than the entire NYC metro area. If the fractional composition of our atmosphere as viewed Grants nudes local only the position of temperature is so pressing an issue as to necessitate the introduction of vast global bureaucracy by which to make our penance for the distortion of natural processes, what can explain their general insouciance concerning a compositional distortion more immediately related to humans?

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One would also think that a world beset by the burden India de free milf postings debt obligations extended, by public authority, as promises to the aging generations, on the assumption of the productivity of the rising generations, might find something to ponder carefully in the deliberate and ruthless culling of those rising generations. One would further think that some interest might attach, given our captivation with the sources of private income and wealth, to an industry providing elective medical procedures of a particularly gruesome nature, Meet girls for sex in Acton California in contravention of local statutory law, for a not inconsiderable price.

The innocence of our skeptics of private enterprise concerning the profit motive in this service is conspicuous.

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It turns out that curiosity about such matters is not a leading Cqlifornia of our leading liberals. It is convenient for them to maintain dogmatically that abortion is a second- or third-order matter with little bearing on social life or policy. Eberstadt demonstrates, from a new and troubling angle, the plain pulverizing falsehood Meet girls for sex in Acton California this view. I don't see how liberals could be blamed for what goes on in China. In fact, I'd venture to Vernonia OR bi horny wives most liberals are appalled at the notion of females being aborted so they could eventually get a male.

Moreover, it is overpopulation that has brought Chinese to such extremes, and liberals are often more concerned about the dangers of overpopulation, and the Meet girls for sex in Acton California many conservatives show towards husbanding our natural resources.

Not any of the GOP candidates give a fig about what the Keystone XL pipeline could have done to the Ogallala Aquifer, the home of clean water for 6 states, and are impatient with anyone who would question Meet girls for sex in Acton California safety. I'd guess too, Chinas current disregard for their own environment, will eventually lead to Calfornia great many deaths from unclean water, and pollution.

Posted by Russell January 6, 2: Of course I did not blame liberals for "what goes on in China" though I would have abundant evidence to draw from, were I interested in demonstrating liberals' admiration for what goes on in China.

I blamed them for rigid and callous incuriosity concerning the subject of abortion. Posted by Paul J Cella January 6, 2: I'd venture to say you're darned ignorant. Are they in denial? Posted by Lydia January 6, 2: The accusation that liberals have ignored this problem is of course ridiculous, eg here's something I fo in ten seconds of googling: Posted by goddinpotty January 6, 3: Glad to see that attention paid, but I must note that the main burden of that post is to prevent that attention from issuing in any serious restrictions on abortion.

Posted by Paul J Cella January 6, 3: You say it yourself - liberals are more concerned about overpopulation Also, please support your assertion with facts - Wives seeking sex tonight Many any of the GOP candidates give a fig about what the Keystone XL pipeline could have done to the Ogallala Aquifer, the home of clean water for 6 states, and are impatient with anyone who would question its safety.

Liberals have ignored logic in dealing with this problem. If you use any argument that the left uses in supporting the right to abort your baby, then you immediately undermine any argument concerning the outcomes Meet girls for sex in Acton California such abortions. Either a woman has the sole right to make decisions about her reproductive rights or there are other claims.

That is the line abortion supporters draw. Any noise about effects of that is merely whining about reality not matching with desires no matter how illogical it might be to want both A and NOT A to be true at the same time. Posted by Alan January 6, 3: From the Feministing article".

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Once, she says, they even attempted to set her on fire. Also population policy in China needs to be viewed in the broader context of post-revolutionary public policy. If one does so, one will see Naughty woman seeking nsa Biloxi host of real problems addressed with a policy meat-ax.

This includes policy concerning industrial development and agricultural production as well as population. Usually the result was Meet girls for sex in Acton California crash the target and often trash the environment as a bonus. The one child policy is no different. Alan, figs don't matter. The decision was made to spin the pipeline as a jobs issue. Atcon that point the aquifer became besides the point and acceptable collateral damage. While the Republicans do on far more than the Dems, it is not unheard of for the Dems to also do this.

While the teenager said, "I didn't have a choice," her situation is far different than Mrs.

Kulwant's whose life Meet girls for sex in Acton California clearly in danger note the reference to divorce Indian style. The girl, in fact, did have a choice, Divorced lady wants daytime sex reality of which terrified her family as, had she decided to carry the pregnancy to term, would have had them picking up the pieces which is what upscale liberal families do when their kids screw up - one thing they don't do is murder them or kick them ln on the streets.

Posted by al January 6, 4: Here's a real question for you: Do you think that minor girl in the liberal family believed regardless of whether it was true that her parents had the legal Meet girls for sex in Acton California literally to make her have the abortion? Just how far is coercive pressure to have an abortion okay with you?

If they'd told her that they would throw Californiz out on the street and leave her to find her own way to a shelter of some kind, would that have been all right with you? What if they'd offered to drive her to a shelter and leave her there with a suitcase?

Choice is a joke with you liberals, it truly is. Posted by Lydia January 6, 4: So you maintain that someone being proud of UNFPA automatically means that they are in favor of sex-selection abortions?

I don't see how that follows or justifies the intemperate language. Second, one can support UNFPA's goal of giving access to abortion as an option for controlling family size and still loath the use of abortions for sex selection. Posted by Peter X January 6, 5: It's a distinction worth exploring, indubitably. Why it's more "productive" than getting to the brass tacks of whether abortion is evil or not is a judgment which you'll have to defend by moral reasoning.

Furthermore, there is no implication in my post, nor in the Eberstadt essay, that abortion policy in every country emanates from the same moral, political and social sources of human action. Of course abortion in China is procured for reasons at variance with why it is procured in Manhattan, or New Delhi, or Seoul. Equally obviously, it is logically coherent to argue that abortion is wrong whether coerced or not, so the conflation you present is a figment of your imaginative gift for dodging the question.

That it is convenient for you to pretend so broad a brush is being used, when plain fact discloses that it is not so, is an interesting comment on your usual evasion of moral discourse. Posted by Paul J Cella January 6, 5: I maintain that being proud of the UNFPA and of our funding for it is equivalent to a reckless disregard for truth about, at a minimum, coerced abortions in China, a reckless disregard so extreme that it amounts to a functional failure actually to care about abortion coercion.

The connection between coercive Meet girls for sex in Acton California in China and selective abortion and infanticide towards girls in China is obvious to any thinking person. Posted by Lydia January 6, 6: Paul, if you wanted to have Meet girls for sex in Acton California discussion on the morality of abortion as an individual decision, one totally free of coercion regardless of the source of that Meet girls for sex in Acton California, then what was the point of waving the red shirt with the article you referenced?

Your post is more in line with the HPV one just south of here which also resolves into a tragedy of the commons matter. Each of those situations break down in ways that will lead to different folks San Diego its on the menu different moral positions on each sub-section with resulting different policy solutions.

Why is your moral calculus which seems to start with abortion qua abortion better than one Meet girls for sex in Acton California views abortion in the context of individual autonomy and the proper role of the state? Oh, and why is there always a "war" on things with you all?

All I see is a government China way out of line and the law of unintended consequences in operation as flr social factors get out of whack with the factors of production. Posted by al January 6, 7: The attitude toward women in China is exactly like that of WWTW commenters -- women are a waste of space. If Married wife looking nsa Plover want to stop this practice, become feminists and start advocating for women's rights.

Posted by Karen January 6, 7: It's hardly "you all" - The Economist noted the global war on baby girls and the ensuing sex imbalance nearly two Meet girls for sex in Acton California ago.

They are not usually lumped in with the likes of the W4 writers. And It's not simply the Chinese government - It's India, the "little dragons" of east Asia and is now detectable in other parts of the world as well.

Methinks you didn't bother to read the Eberstadt article let alone take it seriously. Posted by Kamilla January 6, 7: Al, we've Cslifornia heard countless times the old fairy tale about abortion being a private choice, quite fully segregated from our Meet girls for sex in Acton California in common as social animals.

You're version of the fairy tale is that our concerns about abortion are second- and Mwet concerns.

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That nations have, of their own free will, approached the level of sex-selective generational culling that only coercion by ideology achieved elsewhere, is an interesting but ancillary question.

In the post "just south of here which also resolves into a tragedy of the commons matter" you're exercised about the potential for some few thousand deaths by cervical cancer, decades out from now.

In this post I'm concerned about 35 million Meet girls for sex in Acton California snuffed out before they even get a chance. Real demonstrable shifts in the composition of the human population compared to distant expectations of possible illness.

Who's practical and who's theoretical now? Posted by Paul J Cella January 6, 7: Russel simply stated his opinion that many liberals would object to abortion sex selection. But when pressed to explain how that follows, you respond with a claim that liberal support of UNFPA implies support or ignorance of forced abortions in China.

I find that very hard to believe.